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Mr Nick H. K. Or MAPPM, BSc, FRM

Postgraduate research student

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Mr Nick H. K. Or is postgraduate research student in Politics & International Relations at the University of Southampton.

I am now working on my ESRC-funded PhD under the supervision of Prof. Will Jennings, Dr. Alexandra Kelso and Dr. Justin Murphy in Division of Politics and International Relations at the University of Southampton.

As a student of public policy, my research interest is to examine the political consequences of executive and legislative politics, media, public opinions, and social movements. In terms of methods, I tend to approach my research questions with quantitative methods such as time-series analysis, quantitative content analysis, event history analysis as well as experimental research design.

My thesis is about the study of the dynamics of political attention, which has been blossomed in recent years. However, much of the research emphasis is on western democratic systems. A recent study by Lam and Chan (2015) revealed how Hong Kong, as an authoritarian regime, intensified the punctuated equilibrium by analyzing the political attentions since the WWII. Building on this, my research question is to ask whether and how the gradual democratization and sovereignty transition altered the pattern of policy prioritization in legislature in Hong Kong, by looking at legislative bills, questions, media coverage and social contentions. The interaction and relationship between each of these policy venues will enhance our understanding of the distinctions and similarities between democratic and authoritarian regimes, from the policy agendas perspective.

Before arriving Southampton, I was a senior research associate and worked for Prof. Richard M. Walker in College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Department of Public Policy at the City University of Hong Kong.

For social engagement, I am a Research Fellow at SynergyNet, a public policy think tank in Hong Kong. Moreover, as an observer of Hong Kong politics and public affairs, my commentaries appear on major Chinese newspapers in Hong Kong, such as Ming Pao, Apple Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal and Hong Kong Economic Times, and also on online platform PenToy.

Prior to academic career, I worked at Societe Generale. I received my MA in Public Policy and Management from the City University of Hong Kong and BSc in Physics from the University of Hong Kong.

Research interests

  • Public Policy
  • Agenda-setting
  • Legislature
  • Media
  • Political Contentions
  • Authoritarian Regime
  • Election
  • Hong Kong Politics
PhD supervision

Prof. Will Jennings(primary)

Dr. Alexandra Kelso

Dr. Justin Murphy

Title: Policy Change in Hybrid Legislature: Hong Kong under Political Liberalisation

Funding: ESRC DTC Studentship with Advanced Quantitative Methods Award


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Affiliate research group

Comparative Agendas Project

Research Fellow at SynergyNet, Hong Kong

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Or, Nick H. K. and Lau, Calvin H. M. (2014). The Rise of Transgressive Contention by Young Activists: Recent Cases in Hong Kong, Journal of Youth Studies (Hong Kong), 17(1): 57-77.

Sze, A.K.-Y. & Or, N.H.-K. (2015). Chilling Effect in Academia: Our Responsibility of Safeguarding Scholars. In B. C.-H. Fong, ed. Discourse on Hong Kong Reform. Taipei: AzothBooks. (Translated from Chinese) 施家潤、柯衍健 (2015) 寒蟬處處的學術界——守護我城學者有種責任,刊於方志恒篇《香港革新論》,漫遊者文化出版。


Conference Papers

Or, Nick H. K. (2016). Executive’s Legislative Performance during Gradual Liberalization and Party Fragmentation in Authoritarian Regime: Hong Kong from 1985 to 2008. Political Studies Association 66th Annual International Conference 2016 "Politics and the Good Life", Brighton, UK, 21st to 23rd March 2016.

Or, Nick H. K. (2015). Authoritarian-controlled Press and Political Oppositions under Press Freedom: The Case of Post-handover Hong Kong. Political Studies Association Media and Politics Group Annual Conference "Mediating Democracy", University of Chester, 5th & 6th November 2015.

Or, Nick H. K. (2015). Good mood policy negative bubble? Illustration with chronic housing shortage in Hong Kong. ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops “The Politics of Non-Proportionate Policy Response”, Warsaw, Poland, 29 March - 2 April 2015 and Political Studies Association Postgraduate Network 2015 Conference ‘Critical Junctures and Turning Points’, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, 29 June 2015

Mr Nick H. K. Or
Politics & International Relations, Social Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

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