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Specialist techniques


Used to protect the surface from marks and scuffs, a thin plastic film covers the surface of the paper. Used on posters, exhibition stands, packaging and on the covers of folders and brochures.

On items such as folders or brochure covers lamination can be used on both sides of the paper. It comes in gloss, matt and satin finishes.


Plastic film covers both the front and back and continues over the edge so there is a border of film around the paper. Usually used for posters that need to be durable.


A line of small holes is punched into the paper to allow for easy tearing. Used for tear-off reply cards and forms.

Die cutting

The process of cutting paper to a non-standard shape using metal dies. Used to produce folders, packaging and envelopes. It can also be used creatively for more complex shapes and curves, for example door hangers or direct mailers.

Spot UV varnish

A high gloss coating, it can be selectively applied to the paper. Often used to enhance photographs of heading text.

Foil blocking

A thin metal foil is stamped into the paper to make an image. Often used on brouchures and direct mail for text or logos.

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