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The University of Southampton
Professional Development

Assertiveness Techniques - 2-hour workshop


Target audience: All staff

Brief outline: this session will introduce you to 3 assertiveness techniques that will help you be a more effective communicator at work.

What can you expect to learn: at the end of the session participants will be able to:

Facilitator Information / Led By

Name: Janet Pink

Job Title: External Consultant

Training Dates: There may be more than one training session scheduled; Please click on the 'Book now' button below to view all the date(s) available.

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Recommended Reading


For a quick reference guide to 'Assertiveness' please view the Assertiveness pocketbook. The online book covers such topics as the reasons for non-assertive behaviour and the differences between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour. It contains advice on how to overcome self-defeating beliefs and how to deal with recurring problems.






Learning to Be Assertive
Learning to Be Assertive

We all get frustrated when we feel taken advantage of, or alternatively, respond too aggressively when we feel provoked or trapped. Overcome these knee-jerk responses by learning how to be assertive. This course reveals what assertiveness really means, and how it is different from aggression, and outlines specific techniques you can use to respond to challenging situations and difficult people. Click here to learn more.

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