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Professional Development

Developing Individuals and Teams

Team Building
Team Building

Target Audience: ERE & PS Level 4 and above

Brief Outline: Learning is a necessary process for any team to achieve it’s objectives and is essential for organisation success. Learning bridges the gap between current capability and that needed to deliver the results. From an individual point of view it enables them to add to their stock of skills and reach their full potential. Continuous learning and development enables managers to build more resilient teams, increase capability, create more job satisfaction and retain staff.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the course you will be able to: Identify the benefits of developing individuals, teams and organisations Identify the key steps in creating an individual and team develop plan Engaging people in learning Understand the impact of different learning styles and match them to learning solutions Evaluate the impact of learning and return on investment (ROI) Identify the stages of team development and the managers role in developing the team Identify the link between learning and building more resilient teams Create opportunities to continuously develop your team and improve team performance

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Recommended Reading

Team Working
Team Working

For a quick reference guide to 'Teamworking' please view the Teamworking pocketbook. The online book covers such topics as how to maximise team performance. It looks at the differences between groups and teams and between teambuilding and teamworking, and at the types of problems preventing teams from being effective. It also offers practical advice for countering such difficulties.

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