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Bid Writing - Introduction

Bid Writing
Bid Writing

Target Audience: Research and Academic Staff Levels 4 & 5.

Brief Outline: The introductory course is aimed at those new to grant applications or with limited experience of bid writing and/or wider grant-making policy and process - but are expecting involvement in a bid in the next 12 months.

You are likely to be targeting small to medium-scale research fellowships or other funding, and in which possible collaborations are mainly local and/or known. Equally you may expect to be supporting a PI application, or joining a bid led by another partner.

This practical and enabling course looks at:-

  1. Research bidding (the issues and trends) through a guided group discussion on assumptions around hardest parts/key issues in research bids.
  2. Funder documentation analysis that provides participants with the opportunity to assess priorities of a research grant funder and a specific funding opportunity.
  3. A now widely-used bid response model: BID4 PCOT. Participants will explore its rationale, principles and options for use. BID4 breaks down proposals, their development and ongoing improvement into four clear blocks:
    • Bid Process
    • Bid Content
    • Bid Organisation
    • Bid Text
  4. The role of both thematic peer review and 'generic' scoring panel members. To this end, delegates will scruntinise a set of mock bids showing (a) technique pointers, and (b) state of the art/collaboration issues. They will also examine example resources to capture changing funder trends.

What you can expect to learn:

Aims for the introductory level course:

Training Dates:

Please check on Staffbook to see if this course is current and any available training dates.

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