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Professional Development

Personal Impact and Confident Networking

Networking for Researchers
Networking for Researchers

Target Audience: Research and academic staff

Brief Outline: How can you make more of an impact at meetings, interviews and one to ones? During this course you’ll learn what makes personal communication memorable, and how to apply these principles to engage people and hold attention.

This course equips you with practical techniques for enhancing your personal impact. VOX will help you achieve more at work, by developing your confidence, clarity and influence – while always remaining true to yourself.

It is suitable for those wishing to develop a confident and sophisticated communication style; or to overcome discomfort or caution in formal or informal communication contexts.

This practical and enabling course looks at:

What can you expect to learn: How to enhance your personal impact

Facilitator Information / Led By

Name: The course is run by VOX Coaching

Job Title: specialists in practical communications coaching

Alignment with RDF: Sub domain B1 (Personal qualities) & B3 (Professional and career development

Training Date(s):

Please check in Staffbook for course availability.


Recommended Reading

Networking pocketbook
Networking pocketbook


For a quick reference guide to 'Networking' please view the Networking pocketbook. The online book details four basic steps that lead to effective networking relationships: learning, investing, nurturing and keeping, the so-called LINK.


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