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Professional Development

Why Open Access is for life and not just for compliance

Open Access


Target Audience: Research an Academic Staff

Did you know that for the next REF you will be expected to make your articles and conference proceedings Open Access? 

Did you also know Open Access can benefit you? For example, increasing your citations count?

Brief outline:

This training session will introduce Open Access and how to make your work available. It will explain HEFCE’s REF requirements and research funders’ open access policies. We’ll look into how you benefit from Open Access, for example increasing your citation count. We’ll also show you how to find Open Access material.

What you can expect to learn:

The session will answer the following questions:  

 • What is Open Access?

 • Why should you make your work Open Access?

 • How do you make your work Open Access?

 • When should you make your work Open Access?

Facilitator Information / Led by:

Library staff

Alignment with RDF: Sub domain A1 (knowledge base)

Training Dates:

Please check on Staffbook to see if this course is running at the moment

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