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Motivating Students and Keeping Them Motivated

Motivating Students
Motivating Students

Target Audience: For all staff involved in teaching students.

Brief Outline: How to motivate our students to want to learn? In this workshop there will be opportunities to consider the most appropriate teaching methods and course designs to maximise the motivation of our learners. The starting point for discussion will be a comparison of how learning theory matches with the experiences and observations of participants to analyse how students in different disciplines approach their studies. What do students enjoy, what enthuses and encourages. What are the sticks and carrots that curriculum designers can employ to draw out the best in their students?

What you can expect to learn: After the session, participants should be able to:

Facilitator Information / Led By

Name: Dr Kate Exley

Job Title: External Tutor

Training Dates: There may be more than one training session scheduled; Please click on the 'Book now' button below to view all the date(s) available.

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Recommended Reading


The Motivation pockebook examines different theories of motivation, drawing out key points and offering management tips for each one. It providers pointers on the best theories to use in particular situations and looks at what individual personalities are likely to find motivational.

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