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The University of Southampton
Professional Development

Digital skills support

Do you consider digital skills necessary? Everyone else does.  Technology has become so integrated in everyday life that we can hardly remember what the world looked like before our hand-held, constant-connectivity existence.

Technology is set to become even more intuitive and integrated into our daily lives, so the better equipped we are to handle this technology shift, the better.

Digital accessibility

Digital Learning

The iSolutions Digital Learning team have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and will create high-quality digital resources to meet your professional objectives.

Office 365

Office 365 and OneDrive

This is available to all staff and offers cloud storage as well as the facility to create and share Microsoft Office files.

Learn with Lynda

Linked In - Learning

Linked In - Learning is a library of high-quality video tutorials on a wide range of software and business topics. Your University account gives you access to all of it for free.

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