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Psychology graduate leavers pack


We are delighted to welcome you as an alumnus of the Psychology academic unit at the University of Southampton. In a single sentence, this recognises your achievement, and it creates a commitment from us to you to maintain an ongoing relationship. In essence, we believe that our role in supporting your progress doesn't stop when you graduate. We also believe that you have much that you can pass on to our new students.

Southampton Psychology Alumni
Southampton Psychology Alumni

As an alumnus of Psychology at Southampton, we would like to reinforce the University's ongoing support. You will know already that you have support from the Careers and Employability Service for the full extent of your career. You will also receive regular mailings from the University which will keep you up to date with our progress and developments. Through the Alumni office , you will also have the opportunity to attend alumni events which help to keep you in touch with your fellow students. Reunions are regularly held and you are warmly invited to these.

In addition, we in Psychology would like to extend our provision by providing you with access to your eFolio account for life - enabling you to continue to add to your profile of achievements, skills and competencies as your career progresses.

Providing that your University computing account is still active, you can set up your eFolio Alumni account here.

Southampton Psychology Alumni
Southampton Psychology Alumni

Linking up with others

We are also really keen to hear of your next steps. We maintain a set of alumni stories so that our students can see what previous students have done with their degrees. This can be incredibly inspiring for students who may not know in which direction to go. You can help them in this regard, and your first-hand stories are one of the best ways we know how to do this.

We hope that you will enjoy this next phase of your relationship with the academic unit, and that you keep in touch with us to let us know how you are using your degree.

University of Southampton Alumni

In addition to being an alumnus from Psychology, you also join our global community of former students from across the whole university, spanning 147 countries with 170,000 members. Wherever you are now, we hope you will keep in touch.

Staying in touch

Find out how you can stay connected with the University and take advantage of being a member of the Alumni community.

Not heard from us lately?

That may be because we don't have your current contact information - update your details online.

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE)

The 'Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education' (DLHE) is an annual survey conducted nationally by UK institutions every year in order to find out what their graduates have gone on to do after completing their course. The survey aims to obtain information on the employment and education routes taken by alumni six months after graduation. Future applicants or current students of the University may find this information useful to see the types of opportunities which may be available to them after they complete their course.

You will receive information about the survey from the university six months after graduation. We would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete the DLHE survey. The results are very important to the University as they help us to understand what our graduates go on to do, and the data also feeds into national survey results as well as the University league tables.

Find out more here on the DLHE

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