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Psychology graduate leavers pack The application process


Being invited to an interview is a reason to celebrate. When applying to fill a vacancy, you will be matched against the individual-specification for that post. Receiving an invitation to attend an interview means that you have successfully matched the criteria in the specification and others may not have. If you have applied for a place on an academic course, you have met the university’s entry requirements.

An interview is…

A continuation of the application process

For many graduate jobs, the interview may be part of a sequence of six or more stages in the application process. The various stages include:

A discussion and not an interrogation!

An interview is a two way process in which you are very much a participant. Remember this and relax to improve your performance.

An essential recruitment tool

Recruitment is an essential and expensive component of any organisation. No company wants to make mistakes with recruitment and you will have been invited because they are interested in what you have to offer.

The questions asked should challenge your thinking

An interview for a graduate job or place on a postgraduate course will be challenging. Expect interviewers to be firm but fair because they need to ensure that you match the criteria set in the person specification or entry requirements.

An opportunity to find out about the organisation

Remember that, at interview, you also have the opportunity to judge whether an organisation fits what you are looking for. Is this the right type of company for you or are you happy with what you have seen and heard about the university department by which you are being interviewed? You also have the right to chose if an organisation is right for you!

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