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Psychology graduate leavers pack

Welcome to the Leavers pack

After three years of hard work, you’ve done it - you’ve graduated. Congratulations on what I know is a massive achievement. Your degree is something that you can be justly proud of. It is a qualification which the BPS has endorsed, which employers recognise, and is a testament to the skills that you now have. Your degree can open doors for you no matter which direction you choose to take. This Leaver’s Pack is designed to help with your decision making and planning.

It might help for you to know what is here…

Contact with our alumni (former students) tells us that a degree in Psychology can take you in any number of directions. Some of our graduates choose psychology-related careers and you will find a section here on the sorts of career pathways that enable you to work or practice as a psychologist. Here also you will find details of any further training that you may need, much of which can be delivered for you in-house. Learn more about careers in psychology.

Some graduates choose non-psychology careers, and there are resources here to guide you in the sorts of work that you might consider, and in the ways in which you may prepare your CV, applications, and interview technique. We also provide advice and resources here which we hope will help to you to identify your skills, articulate your strengths, and plan your continuing study or development. Sometimes, knowing what you know is of huge worth in itself. Learn more about careers for graduates .

We hope that you find this site useful during your first few years as a graduate and that you will find it an accessible resource that you can dip into for guidance on specific parts of the career planning process. As a member of our Alumni network, lifelong personal careers advice and support remain available to you from the Careers and Employability Service , and the Psychology academic unit is pleased to contribute to this support.

With our very best wishes to you in your future career.

Dr Matthew Garner, Head of Psychology

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