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Daisy Hooper BSc Psychology, 2013

Psychologist in a Nursery

Daisy Hooper's Photo

Hi, I'm Daisy Hooper and I studied BSc Psychology within Psychology at the University of Southampton.

As a Student ambassador I worked closely with first year students during induction and freshers’ weeks helping them with their first weeks of university.


Q: Why did you choose to undertake your studies in at the University of Southampton?
I researched the course and psychology ranked high in the league tables but I chose Southampton mainly for personal reasons as I found the location to be both far enough away to gain my independence but also close enough to go home when I wanted to.

Q: Were there any particular modules you enjoyed?
Although I found it challenging I really enjoyed the eye movement and cognition lecture. As it was quite tough and the method was conversational it demonstrates how much you can learn and remember. I also thoroughly enjoyed the animal behaviour module which was run by a fantastic lecturer.

Q: What was the support like from University Staff?
From my personal perspective the support has been really good. I suffered with back problems and therefore had to have my own room for exams; the support staff in the office were excellent the entire way through my course. Similarly my personal tutor was also always there to help. In general, you can always go to your lecturers with any problems. When I first came to university I really struggled with statistics, but ended up achieving a first class grade despite this. I don’t think I could have done it without the continued support I received from staff across the university.

Q: Did you participate in any extra-curricular placements?
As a Student ambassador I worked closely with first year students during induction and freshers’ weeks helping them with their first weeks of university. I also took part in summer placements where A Level students from around Southampton would stay in stay in halls for a few days and we would take them to lectures and show them things of interest. This was an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Q: What skills do you feel you have learned?
I have particularly gained organisational skills. I would not have been able to do it without being organised, particularly with the help of my diary. I learned the use of organisation at university and made mistakes along the way to be able to realise that. Confidence was another skill I greatly improved. Initially presentations were particularly intimidating however by final year, I presented to forty people individually and wasn’t fazed so I can see how far I have come through my placements and degree.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
I recently gained employment working as a psychologist in a nursery for children who we think might have special educational needs in the future. This is a management position which I plan to continue for a few years then I hope to to do masters in play therapy. Following this I will work with traumatised children, either burns victims in hospitals or children in social services for abused children.

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