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LifeGuide is a software package that allows professionals and researchers with no programming skills to create, evaluate and modify web-based behavioural interventions.

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Sound scientific principles

Such interventions can:

Existing applications

The internet doctor promotes the self-care of cold- and flu-related symptoms. It provides tailored information and advice dependent on a number of factors including the user’s age, general health, combination of reported symptoms and their duration etc.

The PRIMIT study is an interactive website that provides tailored hygiene advice to households in order to minimise both contracting and spreading of respiratory viruses, including flu, within homes.

Further applications include supporting weight loss, smoking cessation.

New partnerships

For commercial companies and healthcare agencies, LifeGuide offers a cost-effective opportunity to provide the public with 24 hour access to extensive automated information and advice on any problem. The advice can be specifically tailored to address the particular situation, concerns, and preferences of each individual, and intensive daily support can be provided for behaviour change. The interventions created in LifeGuide are easy to modify.

Chief investigator: Professor Lucy Yardley
Business fellow: Dr Kimberley Bruce.





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