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The University of Southampton

Psychology Leads Development in the Future of Identity and Identification

Published: 7 April 2011

The School of Psychology is the lead partner in a substantial multi-disciplinary research grant funded by EPSRC. The £1.85 million grant is one of just 3 awards made nationally. Dr Sarah Stevenage led the development of the bid which brings together colleagues from diverse disciplines across 6 universities in order to explore innovative methods to verify identity.

Sarah notes that ‘the ways in which we reveal our identity are rapidly changing: we signal who we are through our physical presence, and through the way that we behave, but now, this can occur both in a real-world context and a cyber context. New and future-proofed methods are required to unite these diverse cues so that identity can be assured, and identity-related crime can be minimised.’

The project will bring together colleagues from Forensic Anthropology, Engineering, Digital Security, Human-Computer Interaction, Cyber-behaviour, and Data Visualisation.  The involvement of Professor Steve Saxby (Southampton – Law) means that this Southampton-based project will push forward the agenda in terms of providing sound intelligence on identity, threat and security, whilst working within the bounds of social and legal acceptability.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Sarah on

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