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Friday 6 July


Poster session begins


Simine Vazire, Washington University, USA
The person from the inside and outside


 Matthew Hornsey, University of Queensland, Australia
What happens to personal self-esteem following collective identity threat: evidence for a compensation mechanism


Colin Leach, University of Sussex
Our virtue: the importance of in-group morality in self-perception and self-evaluation

16:15-16:45 Break

Helga Dittmar, University of Sussex
Think Ideal and Feel Bad: The Role of Self-Belief Patterns for Understanding the Impact of Idealised Media Models on Women’s and Men’s Body Image


Michelle Ryan, University of Exeter
The Glass Cliff: Examining the Impact of Precarious Leadership Positions on Women’s Organisational Identity


Saturday 7 July


Poster session begins


Adam Rutland, University of Kent at Canterbury
Identities and Acculturation amongst Young Ethnic Minority and Majority Children


Patricia M. Rodriguez Mosquera, Brunel University
The Emotional Experience of Prejudice among Ethnic Minorities


Martin Bruder, University of Cambridge
Emotional contagion and social appraisal across six basic emotions


 Tony Manstead (keynote address), Cardiff University
Language, social identity and political attitudes




Speakers & attendees



Azia Aflaskseir
University of Southampton
 Itsek Alfasi
University of Southampton
 Elle Boag
University of Southampton
 Lindsey Cameron
University of Kent at Canterbury
Kathy Carnelley
University of Southampton
 Slywia Cicek
Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Jochen Gebauer
Cardiff University
 Mirona Ghioyhi
University of Sussex
 Aiden Gregg
University of Southampton
 Claire Hart
University of Southampton
 Danny Heller
Tel-Aviv University
 Sian Jones
Cardiff University
 Natasha Kalamboka
University of Southampton
 Andrew Livingstone
Cardiff University
 Michelle Luke
University of Southampton
 Sam Pehrson
University of Sussex
 Jason Rentfrow
University of Cambridge
 Tim Ritchie
University of Southampton
 Constantine Sedikides
University of Southampton
 Russell Spears
Cardiff University
 Elena Stephan
University of Southampton
 Wendy de Waal-Andrews
University of Southampton
Tim Wildschut
University of Southampton
 Sarah Wood
University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA



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