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The University of Southampton

Mobile Research Unit

We are expanding our horizons with our new mobile research unit (MRU). This custom-fitted Citroën Relay van brings us into contact with parts of the community that otherwise we just would not meet.

Using eye-tracking equipment
One of our first volunteers

Fitted with a range of professional equipment, our new vehicle gives an extra dimension to our visits to schools and colleges. Not only can we explain to students about what psychologists do, they can now hop inside and find out for themselves!

The vehicle also gives valuable support to our research work. Now we can visit volunteers at their place of work, for example. It's much more convenient for them - and we can get more testing done in a shorter time. The photo shows one of our very first volunteers taking part in research on visual perception.

You can find out more about the origins of the Mobile Research Unit here .

MRU interior
MRU interior

Contact us

For more information on the Psychology Mobile Research Unit, contact Pete Dargie .

The vehicle is kitted out for almost all our needs. It brings a new level of versatility.

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