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The University of Southampton

Volunteers - young and old

Staff at the School of Psychology at the University of Southampton are continually researching into psychological conditions and behaviour patterns.

This work could be funded by a charity, a government-backed Research Council, or from other sources.

From time to time, we need to reach into the community to find people who can help us by sharing their experiences and reactions. Usually our volunteers are people with a specific condition, for example dyslexia, or from a particular age group.

All research carried out by staff and students in the School of Psychology receives prior approval through the University's strict ethics and governance procedures.

Older volunteers

We have around 350 older people on our volunteer list, many of whom have been with us for quite a while. Recent projects have included:

Depending on the project, you might be asked to fill in an online questionnaire, which you could do in your own home. Or we could ask if you could come into the University to take part in person.  All our regular older volunteers receive a newsletter.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in volunteering, then please email,

Thank you to everyone who has been working with us. Without your time and participation, our research would not be possible.

Completing an online survey
Completing an online survey

A central part of the research that we carry out in the School of Psychology involves testing participants, and without your involvement we would simply not be able to carry out the work that we do.

Mobile Research Unit

Bringing research into the community

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