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What our students think

Photo of Sue Clark

You have excellent supervision and the University employs very experienced therapists. If you start with the Certificate, it really gives you a good background and helps you to progress.

Sue Clark - Certificate and Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Mental Health)
Photo of Katherine Cornes

My time in Psychology taught me how to think in a scientific way, how to get to the root of a problem, how to conduct research and how to interpret results in a meaningful way.

Katherine Cornes - BSc Psychology, MSc Research Methods, PhD Cognitive Psychology
Photo of Rachael Feltham

Southampton is known for providing high quality training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and equipping students to be highly reflective scientist practitioners. It is also known as one of the best training providers in CBT. Studying here has not only reinforced my passion to be a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist; it has also highlighted to me how to use my knowledge as a therapist to make positive changes to my own life.

Rachael Feltham - Postgraduate Diploma in CBT for Anxiety and Depression (IAPT)
Photo of Cara Laing

I would advise current students to embrace any opportunity. There is so much going on around the campus all year round and you are bound to find something to enhance your university experience.

Cara Laing - MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology,
Photo of Polly Langdon

The psychology department have regular Centre for Applications of Health Psychology (CAHP) seminars… Researchers from any university come and explain their research…

Polly Langdon - MSc in Health Psychology
Photo of Rayan Taher

As an international student, I was interested in learning about the latest global mental health theories and culturally sensitive practices in different countries across the world.

Rayan Taher - MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology
Photo of Lauren Towler

I’ve made so many connections and I’ve managed to get onto research projects by getting in touch with contacts that I’ve made during my time here

Lauren Towler - MSc Health Psychology
Photo of Charlotte Winfield

Due to the skills and framework of the course, I’m in a really good position to be able to help others and I now have the confidence to move forward and make a difference.

Charlotte Winfield - Postgraduate Diploma Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Photo of Nikos Xanidis

I met people from all over the world so I had the opportunity to see how clinical psychologists are practicing in different cultures.

Nikos Xanidis - MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology
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