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Miss Federica Degno MSc BSc

Postgraduate research student

Miss Federica Degno's photo

Miss Federica Degno is Postgraduate research student within Psychology at the University of Southampton.

BSc in Psychological Science and Techniques, Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy (October 2010)

MSc in Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Neuropsychology, Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy (March 2013)

Funding body:
Mayflower Scholarship, University of Southampton, UK

Research interests

The aim of my PhD is to study the time course of visual word recognition during natural reading of sentences, co-registering eye movements and event-related potentials (ERPs), therefore recording fixation-related potentials (FRPs).

Although eye movements and ERPs have been recorded separately to investigate reading, only recently have both methodologies been employed simultaneously to provide ERP and eye movement data that directly correspond. With this non-invasive technique we can precisely time-lock ERPs to oculomotor events (fixations and saccades) and examine the electrical brain activity associated with word recognition in natural contexts.

PhD supervisors:
Professor Simon P. Liversedge and Professor Nicholas Donnelly

Research group

Teaching Assistant - PSYC 1005 Thinking Psychologically

Teaching Assistant - PSYC 1012 Empirical Studies I

Teaching Assistant - PSYC 1015 Classic Studies in Psychology: History and Implications

Teaching Assistant - PSYC 2006 Behavioural Neuroscience (Model Brain Tutorials)

Teaching Assistant - PSYC 3005 Research Project

Teaching Assistant - PSYC 3044 Eye Movements and Visual Cognition

Teaching Assistant - PSYC 3060 Cognitive Neuropsychology and Neuroscience

Teaching Assistant - PSYC 3064 Advanced Quantitative Research Skills (Statistical Programming in R)

Miss Federica Degno
Building 44 Highfield Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

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