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Mr Tobiasz R Trawinski MSc, BA

Postgraduate research student within Psychology at the University of Southampton

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I am interested in spectatorship of pictorial art. In my research I examine differences between art experts and non-experts during the art perception process. I conduct my research using a cognitive neuroscience approach.


Bachelor of Art (BA), University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland (2015)

Master of Science (MSc), University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland (2016)



Research interests


Our visual experiences result from the bottom-up flow of information from our eyes being modulated by top-down knowledge. Many important pictorial artworks rely on perceptual and cognitive processes for their impact. In doing so, they reveal something about these processes that has only later been explored in psychological experimentation. I seek to explore this relationship between pictorial art and visual perceptual and cognitive processes further. In particular, I will explore the role of knowledge in the perception of pictorial artworks.

The objective being to explore whether making a piece of knowledge critical to the artworks explicity influences (1) the manner of visual exploration, and (2) memory for the painting. By organizing paintings into categories I hypothesize that encoding becomes relational as opposed to independent. By this I mean that in addition to being encoded as isolated pictures, paintings will also be encoded in terms of their differences to other paintings within that category.


PhD Supervision: Professor Nicholas Donnelly and Professor Simon P. Liversedge

PhD research: Funding body: Jubilee +3 Postgraduate Research Scholarship, University of Southampton, UK



Research group

Teaching Assistant – PSYC1005 Thinking Psychologically
PSYC1017-35084-16-17: 16-17-Behavioural Neuroscience-35084
PSYC1019-35086-16-17: 16-17-Research Methods & Data Analysis II (& Empirical Studies)-35086
PSYC3065-36368-16-17: 16-17-Ten paintings: linking pictorial artworks to perceptual and cognitive psychology-36368

Mr Tobiasz R Trawinski
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