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The University of Southampton

Research Group: Centre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)

Currently Active: 

The Centre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR) was established at the University of Southampton in May 1994. The mission of the Centre is to encourage, develop and conduct high quality local, national and international inter-disciplinary sexual health research to generate new knowledge and guidance for programme development and policy formulation.

The Centre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR) recognises that sexuality and sexual development is a life-long process. Sexual and reproductive health encompasses individuals' capacity to decide if and when to have children; the ability to remain free from HIV, other sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies; freedom to express one’s own sexual identity and feelings in the absence of repression, coercion and sexual violence; and the presence of mutuality and fulfilment in relationships.

The CSHR approach is based on the view that societal contexts have a major bearing on sexual health through legislation, policy, education and services.

Research conducted at the CSHR aims to improve understanding of the barriers to, and opportunities for, improved sexual health and to generate theories and knowledge to assist the development of effective programmes and interventions to the promotion of sexual and reproductive health both in the UK and abroad.

Key research themes include:

  • Early parenthood and teenage pregnancy
  • Abortion
  • Sexual wellbeing, arousal and pleasure
  • Condom use and contraceptive utilisation
  • Sexual health promotion and policy
  • Sexuality education and sexual health literacy
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Service provisioning.

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