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Research project: Mothers experiencing concentration, organisation and regulation problems - Dormant - Dormant

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What kind of support do they think they need? Recent studies suggest that parenting is a domain of functioning that is likely to be affected by ADHD-type impairments in adults. In our clinical experience, some mothers who themselves are on the ADHD-type spectrum, would even consider medication as an option to treat their own ADHD-type problems as they believe it might help both them and their parenting.

However, there are currently very limited resources for adults on the ADHD-type spectrum. It is essential to understand more about the impact of maternal ADHD-type impairments on parenting and what kind of support mothers think would be helpful to them. The earlier we start working on positive parenting in mothers with ADHD-type impairments the better the outcome for both child and parent.

The present study is funded with a research grant from Janssen-Cilag and is being carried to firstly identify mothers in the community who are experiencing ADHD-type impairments, to examine the kinds of ADHD-type problems they are experiencing and how these problems affect functioning in day-to-day life in general and parenting more specifically. Secondly, the study will also be examining help-seeking behaviours of mothers with ADHD-type impairments, their attitudes towards support and care options (e.g. coaching, parenting programmes and medication) for attention deficit and hyperactivity problems in adults and their preferences of support and care options for managing their own ADHD-type symptoms.

PIs: Edmund Sonuga-Barke, Margaret Thompson
CI’s: Kim Cartwright, Dr Wai Chen, Cathy Laver-Bradbury, Dr Anan El Masry, Katherine Clarke
Funded by Janssen-Cilag.

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