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Career opportunities after a Psychology degree

Following successfully graduating, your Psychology degree can lead you to varied and rewarding career paths.

The following pages give you information on the different types of career paths you might choose to follow given your BSc in Psychology degree. We outline for each career path the qualifications and experience needed for these roles and include a description of the role.

Community based careers

Professionals in these careers apply their knowledge of psychological theory and research to understand various types of behaviours (eg, work, criminal, social) in various settings:

Occupational Psychologists

Forensic Psychologists

Social Psychologists

Careers in mental wellbeing

Professionals in this area assess and work with individuals who present a variety of psychological problems. They use therapeutic approaches to minimise distress and promote psychological wellbeing.

Clinical Psychologist

Counselling Psychologist

Academic careers

Academics engage in teaching and research in Higher Education. This includes lecturing university students and publishing and disseminating psychological research. Academics can study various areas of psychology, including social, developmental, cognition, perception, neuroscience, forensic, clinical, educational, occupational, health, and sports:

University teachers and researchers

Careers in physical wellbeing

Professionals in these areas focus on a variety of physical health issues, including how biological, social and psychological factors influence physical health and wellbeing. Others help individuals with exercise motivation or physical competition:

Health Psychologist


Sport psychologist/exercise psychologist

Children and education based careers

Professionals in these fields use their understanding of psychology to promote development and learning:

Development psychologist

Educational psychologist

Careers outside psychology

A psychology degree provides students with important transferable skills that are attractive to employers such as the private sector, police, military and charitable organizations:

Other Career Pathways


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Careers support for undergraduates

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