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Flexible study

Do you know already where you want to be in 5 years' time? Or do you prefer to keep options open? Here at the University of Southampton we can offer you real flexibility.

BSc (Hons) Psychology

This single-subject degree offers you the assurance of a qualification that is recognised and accredited through the British Psychological Society. This is a very important aspect of our degree as an accredited programme opens doors for you into the postgraduate training that you might need in order to practice as a Psychologist.

At Southampton, you complete nearly all accredited elements within your first two years of study with us. This means that we can offer you a very flexible learning package, as your final year of study can be completely tailored to your needs, interests, and chosen career pathway.

You also have the opportunity to apply for our popular Voluntary Research Assistant scheme to gain additional psychology-relevant work experience in your personal areas of interest during your second year or over the summer. Find out more under ‘Volunteering.’

In your final year, you complete the accredited syllabus through taking a project and a dissertation. What you study is, however, largely your choice. You complete the final year by choosing 6 seminars from nearly 20 choices so again, you have the chance to tailor your learning. In fact, you can choose to take a traditional pathway entirely within the University at Southampton.

Alternatively, you might like to spend part of your final year studying within a local school setting through our Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme. Finally, you might like to take up the opportunity to study abroad at one of several European Universities with which we have Erasmus links. All of these options enable you to develop your knowledge, skills and experience so that you can make the most of your opportunity at Southampton. Your qualification will then work hard for you, and will enable you to work effectively in a worldwide market and in a rich variety of work-based roles. Find out more on the BSc Psychology course page.

BSc (Hons) Educational Studies and Psychology

If your interests span both Psychology and Education, this joint honours course may be the choice for you.

After graduation, you might then decide to move into Educational Psychology or a similar area. Our one-year top-up course will provide you with the necessary British Psychological Society accreditation before specialist practitioner training. Equally, the joint honours degree will give you an excellent foundation for PGCE or PCET qualifications from Education. Find out more on the BSc Education and Psychology course page.

International Foundation Year

If you are based in another country and have not yet had experience of advanced education in the UK, this Foundation Year may be your starting point. Find out more on the International Foundation Year page.

ERP (Event Related Potential) is used to investigate cognitive processing
Measuring ERP

If you have ideas about becoming a psychologist, great - a degree in psychology is perfect. However, I suggest completing the degree with an open mind. You’ll learn a lot of interesting things during your 3-year degree, which may mean that you’ll develop a vast selection of ideas for career routes in the future.

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