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Ways in promoting UoS Researchers' policy impact

Published: 27 October 2020
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PPS is keen to support you promoting the policy impact of your research work by offering a variety of ways to engage. We most welcome your feedback and any additional ideas you may have to improve our communications plan over the course of 2020-21 academic year and we are looking forward to engaging with you and to support you disseminate your research work to policymakers.

1. Policy-related projects

Do you have a research project that has policy implications and would like to write to let non-academic audience know more about? If the answer is yes, please click here to pick up a slot for your blog and we will make sure to disseminate it via our social and in one of our upcoming newsletters. Here is an example of a blog post.

2. National and International Awareness Days Campaign

Some of you may have already been contacted by our Digital Communications Officer on this and thank you for your contributions so far. For those of you who haven’t yet, this is a campaign that PPS runs successfully quite a while ago and aims to feature UoS acacemics' research on a relevant National and/or International Awareness Day. If you are interested in participating in this, please click here to pick up a NIAD date related to your field of expertise and we will contact you separately to provide us with an image and a quote. Here is an example of the content we produce.

3. Social Media

PPS is currently active on 3 Social Media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) and currently looking to explore the benefits of having an Instagram account. If you are an active user on Social Media please don’t’ forget to tag us whenever you have policy-related news to share and of course we encourage you to share our posts whenever you find something that could be useful to your followers/friends/colleagues.

4. Tag a UoS Expert Campaign

In this new campaign PPS will be launching a new topic on a monthly basis encouraging UoS academics to nominate in the comments themselves and/or a UoS colleague with relevant expertise in the field. The aim of this campaign is to narrow down UoS expertise on each field and share it widely with our external network (policymakers and policy influencers). If you are interested in participating in this all you have to do is to follow us on social media and to keep an eye whenever a new topic is released to Tag UoS experts! To view our dedicated webpage click here.

5. Impact Champions' Blog Campaign

With this campaign we are welcoming all Impact Champions to offer us a policy blog targeted to a non-academic audience (eg. policymakers) reflecting on their role and the importance of the policy impact through the lens of their department’s research. The blog will be hosted on our website and will be disseminated via our social media. To participate in please click here.

6. Training Sessions

Responding to the high demand of the previous years, PPS will be delivering a series of monthly policy workshops aiming to support UoS researchers enhance the knowledge around public policy and ways to engage with policymakers. To find out more and sign up to our webinars click here.

7. Podcasts

Over the course of this academic year, PPS will be launching a series of podcasts recording UoS academics reflecting on their research. This is part of the support PPS can offer to funded research projects. To find out more about the ways PPS can support with with your research project please click here.

8. Videos

PPS will be continuing filming UoS colleagues who have already engaged with policymakers reflecting on their experience and sharing advise. To watch previous videos click here.


If you have any questions, would like to share thoughts or perhaps some additional ideas with our Comms team, please contact Thea Kouraki, Communications Lead and Policy Officer at 

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