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CPC Policy Briefing | Who's been sleeping during lockdown?

Published: 16 October 2020

The Centre for Population Change (CPC) has provided the first insights into how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected sleep in the UK and look at who has been most vulnerable to sleep loss.

The key points made in the policy briefing include:

  • Sleep loss has increased during the UK pandemic lockdown, with widening differences between women and
    men and people with BAME heritage.
  • A quarter of people surveyed during the first four weeks of the UK Covid-19 lockdown reported increased
    sleep loss due to worry.
  • Women were nearly twice as likely as men to report they had lost sleep in the first four weeks of lockdown.
  • 9.4% of BAME respondents reported having lost sleep ‘much more than usual’ through worrying in the first
    four weeks of lockdown, compared to 4.4% of white respondents.
  • Sleep loss was also associated with being a key worker, having young children at home, being concerned
    about current or future financial circumstances and feeling lonely.
  • Female respondents of BAME heritage with a child under 5 and reporting financial difficulties were nearly
    three times more likely to report sleep loss.
  • To avert future secondary heath complications and their impact on NHS services, policy makers and health
    professionals need to support and promote better sleep health amongst vulnerable groups during the


Read the full policy briefing here:




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