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Parliamentary Inquiries

UK Parliament regularly advertises calls for evidence on a wide range of subjects. It is important for researchers to respond to these if they have relevant expertise.

Public Policy|Southampton (PPS) supports university researchers to ensure their evidence has a higher chance of being used in the fast-paced and busy information environment of the UK Parliament.

If you are considering producing a response, we can help you with drafting and submission. Contact us or become a PPS member to get all the latest policy updates relevant to your research.

Our support includes:

Key Tips on How to Engage with ParliamentKey Tips on How to Submit Written Evidence to ParliamentKey Tips on How to Give Oral Evidence to Parliament
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Cyber resilience

Cyber resilience

Read Associate Professor Erisa Karafili, Dr Robert H Thorburn, Professor Vladimiro Sassone's response on Cyber resilience of the UK's critical national infrastructure.

Community sentences

Community sentences

Read Dr Harry Annison's contribution to the response to the Justice and Home Affairs Committee's inquiry on community sentences.

Sexual and reproductive health

Sexual and reproductive health

Read Dr Sarah Neal's response to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s approach to sexual and reproductive health.

How devolution is changing post-EU

How devolution is changing post-EU

Read Professor John Denham's response to The Scottish Parliament's Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee inquiry into how devolution is changing post-EU? 

Assisted dying and assisted suicide

Assisted dying and assisted suicide

Read Dr Natasha Campling and Professor Sue Latter's response to the Health and Social Care Committee inquiry into assisted dying and assisted suicide.

Scotland's census

Scotland's census

Read Professor David Martin and the International Steering Group's response to The Scottish Parliament's Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee inquiry into Scotland's census.

Green finance strategy update

Green Finance Strategy update

Read Read Dr Renatas Kizys' and Chris McHugh's response to the Government's consultation on the Green Finance Strategy update.

Illegal migration bill

Illegal Migration Bill

Read Dr Ingi Iusmen and Dr Jana Kreppner's response to the Joint Committee on Human Rights' legislative scrutiny of the Illegal Migration Bill.

Illegal migration bill

AI in weapon systems

Read Professor Christian Enemark's response to the AI in Weapon Systems Committee's inquiry.

Electronic trade documents

Electronic trade documents

Read Dr Jenny Jingbo Zhang's and Professor Liang Zhao's response to the Law Commissions’ Consultation Paper Digital Assets: Electronic Trade Documents.

Online safety bill

Online safety bill

Read from Professor Uta Kohl's and Dr Napoleon Xanthoulis' response submitted to House of Commons Public Bill Committee.

The crypto-asset industry

The crypto-asset industry

Read Doctor Larisa Yarovaya's consultation in response to the The crypto-asset industry from the Treasury Committee.

Trade and the Environment inquiry

Trade and the Environment Inquiry

Read Professor Emily Reid, Dr Michail Risvas, and Ms Kirsty McDougall's response to a Trade and the Environment Inquiry by the International Trade Committee.

The Right to Privacy: Digital Data

The Right to Privacy: Digital Data

Read Professor Rosalind Edwards, Professor Val Gillies, and Dr Sarah Gorin's consultation response to the Science and Technology Committee's call for action on The Right to Privacy: Digital Data.

Post-pandemic economic growth

Post-pandemic economic growth

Read Professor Carmine Ornaghi, and Professor Jian Tong's response to the BEIS Committee’s Consultation Paper on Post-pandemic economic growth: State Aid and Post Brexit Cometition Policy.

Reimagining where we live

Reimagining where we live

Read Professor Nicky Marsh, Dr Daniel Ashton, Dr Michael Howcroft's consultation response Reimagining where we live: cultural placemaking and the levelling up agenda.

Commercial insurance reinsurance regulation

Commercial insurance reinsurance regulation

Read Dr Johanna Hjalmarsson, Dr Meixian Song, Dr Wassim Dbouk, and Dr Konstantinos Serdaris' consultation response to call for evidence on commercial insurance and reinsurance regulations.

Central Bank digital currencies

Central Bank digital currencies

Read Professor Frank McGroarty, Chair in Finance, Southampton Business School and Dr Larisa Yarovaya's, Associate Professor of Finance, Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton, response.

Zero emission vehicles and road pricing

Zero emission vehicles and road pricing

Read Professor A Cruden, Dr SF Brown, Professor SM Sharkh, Dr RGA Wills, Mr T Entwistle, Mr A Hutchinson, Ms R Lee, Mr J Pryke, Mr T Fantham, Mr N Hillier, Dr H Kimpton, Ms T McNeilly's response.

Draft Online Safety Bill

Draft Online Safety Bill

Read the the TAS Hub response to the Draft Online Safety Bill, including contributions by Professor Gopal D Ramchurn and Dr Stuart E Middleton.

Cancer services

Cancer services

Read Professor Claire Foster, Professor Alison Richardson, Profesoor Andy Davies and Associate Professor Lynn Calman's response to the Health and Social Care Committee on Cancer Services.

Cancer Services

H&SCE Expert Panel: Cancer Services

Read Professor Claire Foster, Dr Lynn Calman, Dr David Wright, Dr Chloe Grimmett's written evidence response to the evaluation of the Government’s commitments in the area of cancer services in England


Future Governance of the UK

Several senior academics at University of Southampton have submitted a response to the Constitution Committee's inquiry on Future Governance of the UK.

Child on a slide

The role of PS in addressing child vulnerability

Professor Rosalind Edwards and Senior Research Fellow Sarah Gorin from Sociology, responded to the Public Services Committee's inquiry on the role of public services in addressing child vulnerability.


Legislative Scrutiny

Associate Professor Jonathan Havercroft, responded to the Human Rights (Joint Committee's) inquiry on Legislative Scrutiny: Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

Food Hamper

Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment

Read the written evidence submitted by Professor Mark Hanson, Dr Chandni Maria Jacob, Dr Christina Vogel, Ms Ravita Taheem, Professor Janis Baird and Professor Keith Godfrey

Prison Population

Prison Population 2022 inquiry

Read the response from Dr Harry Annison, Associate Professor in Criminal Law and Criminology at Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.


Coronavirus: Lessons learnt

Paul Muckelt; Dr Polly Hardy-Johnson; Dr Sofia Strommer and Professor Mary Barker, respond to the Health and Social Care Committee's inquiry on lessons learnt from the coronavirus pandemic.


Decarbonising heat in homes

Read the Energy and Climate Change Division (ECCD) at the University of Southampton response to the Buisness, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committe inquiry on Decarbonising heat in homes.


Covid-19: Support for Jobs

Dr Zhifeng Chang and Dr Haiming Hang (University of Bath) respond to a Covid-19 Committee on employment.


The Evolution of Devolution

Read Professor John Denham’s submission to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee.  


Employment and Covid 19

Read Dr Jane Parry's submission on Covid 19 and Employment to thee Economic Affairs Committee.

Global Disease Outbreak

Research Influence in Global Disease Outbreaks

Read Professor Peter J.S. Smith's response to the Science and Technology Committee's inquiry on the Capability and Influence of UK Science, Research and Technology in Global Disease Outbreaks.

Immigration Enforcement

Immigration Enforcement

Read Southampton's response to the Public Accounts Committee's inquiry on Immigration Enforcement.

Coronavirus 2020

Coronavirus Act 2020

Read Dr Alun Gibbs and Dr Asif Hameed's response to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee's inquiry on Covid-19 and the Coronavirus Act 2020.


Climate Change: Hydrogen

Read Southampton's response to the Environmental Audit Committee's call for evidence on Technological Innovations and Climate Change: Hydrogen.

Tax Relief

Management of tax reliefs

Read Professor Collins Ntim's and Dr Mohamed Hosam Al Kaddour's response to the Public Accounts Committee's inquiry on Management of tax reliefs.


Managing flooding in England

Read the group response from prominent academics at the University of Southampton and Bournemouth University on The Government's response to- and future plans for managing flooding in England.

Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Read Professor Susan Gourvenec's response to the Parliament's inquiry on Technological Innovations and Climate Change: Offshore Wind.


Homelessness and the private rented sector

Read Dr Stephanie Barker and Dr Nick Maguire's response to the Parliament's inquiry on the Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on homelessness and the private rented sector.


Prison Governance

Read the consultation response from Dr Harry Annison, Associate Professor in Criminal Law and Criminology at Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.


Commercial Genomics

Read the written evidence from Clinical Ethics and Law Southampton (CELS) at the University of Southampton.

Sex Education and Health Education

RSE and Health Education

Read the response from Professor David Gurnham, Deputy Head of School and Professor of Criminal law and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies at the University of Southampton.

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