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Public Policy|Southampton supports Southampton researchers in making connections with policymakers in their field of research.

We provide access to networks in local and national government, frame policy contexts to ongoing research and build researchers' capacity to effectively engage with policymakers.

If you have a research project that we could support you with, please complete the form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Biohybrid Futures

Biohybrid Futures

Biohybrid Futures is a research project aimed at understanding the societal, ethical, and environmental implications of bio-hybrid robotics.

Bias in Bones

Bias in Bones

Bias in Bones: Integrating sex into skeletal health and research policy to improve public health.

Antidepressants for chronic pain

Antidepressants for chronic pain

This project comprised of a systematic review and a network meta analysis of published randomised controlled trials testing antidepressants prescribed to people with Cochrane pain to reduce and manage their pain



Emergent Ethics of Drone Violence: Towards a Comprehensive Governance Framework

Southampton Climate Assembly

Southampton Climate Assembly

Southampton’s Climate Assembly is a contribution to local discussions outside the regular political timeline. Read more here.

Just and Unjust riots

Just and Unjust riots

Analyzing recent high-profile riots in Europe and North America to examine when and under what conditions might rioting be justified

parental social license

Parental social licence

This project is about parental social licence for operational data linkage and analytics to identify families for service intervention SHORTER: Parental social licence for data linkage for service intervention.



Educational choices and social interactions. Reassessing Educational Strategies in a divided Society (ERESS)


Transformational Adaptation on the English Coast

Read about the opportunities for local involvement in transformational adaptation on the English coast research that engages with key stakeholders in coastal disaster risk reduction, planning and adaptation.

MELD-B Picture


Read about an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enhanced epidemiological analytic system in which optimal lifecourse time points and targets for prevention of early-onset, burdensome MLTC-M.



Read about the ActMed Project, led by the University of Southampton, University of Leeds and the University of Bradford.

Coastal Community

Coastal Resilience in the face of Sea Level Rise

Read about the 'Coastal Res' project led by the University of Southampton, University College London, Middlesex University, University of East Anglia, Bournemouth University and the Channel Coastal Observatory.


Rebooting Democracy

The Rebooting Democracy Project led by Dr Matt Ryan brings together leading contributors to the study of democratic innovation in social and computer sciences.

Nurse staffing

Nurse Staffing Levels

This project set out to explore the costs and consequences of variations in nurse staffing levels in acute hospital wards in NHS hospitals.


Macmillan ENABLE

This project seeks to understand the importance of self management support in people living with cancer.


Macroplastic pollution on marine ecosystems

This project looks at potential mechanisms by which marine plastic debris may impact marine communities as a whole, to ultimately understand the scale of impact and sensitivity of ecosystems and food security.

Life Lab


LifeLab is the only facility of its kind in the UK contributing to tackling the current health crisis that our children and young people face.


Colorectal Wellbeing Study (CREW)

Bowel cancer is the most common cancer to affect both men and women. This project set out to explore how people recover their health and wellbeing after being treated for bowel cancer.


Suspending Parliament & Reform

When so prorogued, Parliament cannot exercise its legislative authority or scrutinise the government. This project considers options for reform - including the case for abolition of prorogation.



The overarching aim of QuantMig is to produce comprehensive, multi-perspective and robust quantitative migration scenarios to support various areas of European migration policy.


Parental Social License

This study will fill a vital gap in knowledge about the dynamics of social licence and trust for operational data linkage and analytics among parents of dependent children.

Researchers from UoS

Supporting Nursing Teams

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research, this collaboration aims to draw on the findings of four key research studies to inform UK nursing policy and practice in preparing for a post-pandemic future.



Researchers from the UoS have developed a prototype personal respirator intended to address the limitations of the existing protective equipment doctors and nurses are wearing on the wards.



A UoS project that analyses the illegal trade of endangered plants and and seeks to develop digital resources to assist law enforcement in countering and disrupting this criminal market.

Heart disease


A UoS project that aims to address the need for repeated valve replacement for the treatment of aortic heart valve disease by developing new design concepts.


MINDS Centre for Doctoral Training

The University of Southampton will be at the forefront of developing the next generation of experts and leaders in Artificial Intelligence (AI) thanks to a £100M investment from UK Research and Innovation.


Preconception Health

A project pointing to a new emphasis on preparing for conception as a way of preventing disease and improving public health.


The pains for families of IPP prisoners

The project 'Exploring the Secondary Pains of Indeterminate Imprisonment: The case of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) families' provides the first empirical exploration of IPP sentencing.


Tales of Migration

Following the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, the topic of migration from other EU countries and free movement has been highlighted as critical and policy-relevant.


Early LifeLab

Early LifeLab is a classroom based intervention for primary school children to tackle childhood obesity by empowering children to lead the change.


Brexit and EU nationals' vulnerability

The impact of Brexit on EU nationals' vulnerability: the case of Polish nationals. This pilot project from the University of Southampton was led by Dr Sara Benedi Lahuerta and Dr Ingi Iusmen.

Older projects

Policy Briefs

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