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BAME Multigenerational Family Businesses & Covid 19, led by Dr Valentina Cardo and Dr Yasmin Sekhon Dhillon

This page will be updated with further information after impact gathering 

Project Overview 

As the coronavirus pandemic causes severe disruption to the global economy, its severity is greater for some communities than others. BAME multigenerational family businesses are particularly affected due to a combination of economic, cultural and socio-political factors, which intersect with the personal and familial aspects of owning and running these businesses. This important and understudied area of investigation is the focus of our study, which aims to interrogate the complex relationship between the Coronavirus global pandemic and its more local, immediate and personal consequences for BAMEMSMEs. Investigating the specific socio- economic makeup of selected businesses will allow us to understand the intersectional impact of the crisis on minority groups. The aim of the study is to investigate the socio-political impact of COVID-19 on BAME businesses’ daily lives.

The pandemic has disrupted business and consumer practices. MSMEs have been even more vulnerable, especially BAME owned ones, where familial, generational and community ties bind professional, cultural and personal aspects of the business together. We are interested in answering the following research questions:(1) In what ways does the current COVID-19 crisis affect BAME multigenerational family MSMEs on an economic, socio-political and personal level?(2) What role do the media play in communicating messages of crisis particularly aimed at(BAME) businesses? (3) In what ways did the UK Government’s response to this crisis have civic consequences for how BAME MSMEs owners and workers feel represented and able to have a voice in the affairs of the country? 

Policy Implications

We aim to measure the policy impact of our initiative through a policy brief as a direct output for the project. We would also obtain letters of support from a number of stakeholders that are interested in the impact of Covid on businesses and driven by EDI concerns. The second stage of our research will allow us to measure the impact of current policies on BAME MSMEs, identify factors that would improve their social, economic and personal wellbeing and suggest measurable and improved policy outcomes.

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