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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at PPS


In July 2020, the UK Government released their Research & Development Roadmap. They recognised that EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) is vital to research and research culture, in particular when it comes to the quality of research and its impact. PPS champions these values and is proud of all the academics who have worked with us to turn their research into evidence informed policy impact. Further, in September 2020, the Doctoral College hosted a webinar around diversity in academia, asking if we are 'treating diversity..equity, [and] inclusion as an add on...or are we treating it as the foundation or infrastructure which we build on?'.

In exploring our own role and responsibility in championing EDI in a genuine and impactful way, we started this journey by running a consultation in October/November 2020. We have now compiled this feedback into a report and an action plan that spans over two years, into July 2022.

The EDI Champion for this work is Gareth Giles, Head of Public Policy Southampton. You can reach them on for any enquiries or collaborations related to this.

Below you will find the PPS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report, and Action Plan, alongside our Mission and Values.

EDI Mission and Vision  


PPS will enhance the subnational, national and international public policy impact of research conducted by University of Southampton staff and students, ensuring that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are central to our practices.

Our Vision is to: 
Reflect on our role in contributing to the success of University of Southampton’s EDI goals and strategy
Build our internal confidence, knowledge and expertise to facilitate best practice policy impact
Develop resources and build capacity for researchers and students to consider EDI in their policy impact
Inspire and facilitate change in the higher education public policy and knowledge exchange sector  

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ReportAction PlanRead the PPS blog
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