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Policy Associates Scheme 21/22

Public Policy|Southampton (PPS) is the University of Southampton’s public policy engagement unit that connects researchers and policymakers through capacity building and engagement activities to better support evidence-informed policymaking.

This year we are pleased to announce our new Policy Associates Scheme for 2021/22.

The Policy Associates Scheme aims to support the delivery of variety of UKRI funded research projects. It also allows UoS PhD Students and Post Doctoral Fellows to learn new skills, including in evidence to policy interface, gain experience of working with the PPS team, work with a broad range of researchers within University of Southampton and civil servants within Government.

There are two functions in which Policy Associates can get involved and contribute into the UKRI funded research projects:

Stakeholder analysis will ensure that relevant decision-makers, practitioners, civil society and end point users are identified and engaged in the development of policy implications stemming from UKRI funded research. This analysis will use specialist tools and networks available to PPS and full training will be given to selected Policy Associates.

Policy synthesis will bring together relevant literature from academia and a grey literature (government/ Parliamentary publications, civil society, user groups) into an executive report, verbal presentation and accompanying slide deck made to the research team. This work will provide a map of the current policy landscape to the project team when forming policy recommendations.

How can you get involved?

If you are a UoS PhD Student and Post Doctoral Fellow looking to participate in this scheme please make sure that you join our FREE Membership (by clicking the button below) to stay alert when a position becomes available.
If you are a University of Southampton academic looking to include this service into your research funding proposal please click the button below to find out more.

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Selected Policy Associates for the 2021/22 Academic Year

Rebecca Walley
Rebecca Walley

Rebecca Walley is a final year PhD student in Ocean and Earth Science, based at the Natural History Museum, London. She is currently investigating the drivers of marine ecosystem change through the end Triassic extinction and recovery, using palaeontological and geochemical techniques. She has recently completed a placement at Defra, within the Climate Adaptation Evidence Team, looking into the barriers to adaptation in the UK. Rebecca is excited to be part of the Policy Associates Scheme this year to gain more experience for a future career in policy.

Adam Meylan-Stevenson

Adam Meylan-Stevenson is a first-year PhD student at the School of Politics and International Relations. His work is interdisciplinary between political theory and public policy. His research is focused on how the public health issue of air pollution can be consistently regulated with John Stuart Mill’s harm principle. Adam obtained a BA in Philosophy, an MSc in Global Ethics and Justice, and an ESRC funded MSc in Social Research Methods before commencing the PhD. He is planning to pursue a career in policymaking and is excited to be joining the Policy Associate Scheme to gain insight into the creation of considered and impactful policy.

Alice Booth
Alice Booth

Alice Booth is a postgraduate research student in Palaeoceanography and Paleoclimate, within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton. Her research interests lie in climate change, both past and present. During their MSc she worked with the Pliocene Model Intercomparison Project to investigate the variability of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) during the mid-Pliocene Warm Period to anticipate how ENSO behaviour might change in response to future warming.

Alice Brock

Alice Brock is a PhD candidate funded by the SCDTP at the University of Southampton, her work focuses on exploring the potential of sustainable Personal Carbon Budgeting as a method of reducing global carbon emissions. Alice was Symposium Director for the 2019 edition of the Meliora International Symposium of Student Sustainability Research.

Amy Peters

Amy Peters is a second year ESRC-funded PhD student in Southampton Education School where she researchers the cognitive processes in writing-to-learn in higher-education students, with a focus on the effects of writing from sources on learning. Prior to starting her PhD, Amy completed a BSc in Education and Psychology, also at the University of Southampton. Amy is interested in how academic research translates into policy impact and is excited to be joining the Policy Associates team to discover more about the policymaking process in areas outside of her own expertise.

Chloe Webb

Chloe Webb is a first year PhD student at the School of Psychology where she is investigating the psychological benefits of some emotionally-negative situations. In particular, her research is focused on the self-esteem benefits that accompany a situation in which someone feels angry and frustrated at social injustice. In her previous role as Research Technician at the University of Southampton, she worked on some research-to-policy projects involving Airport Security, before completing a MSc in Social Research Methods in 2021. She is excited to be joining the Policy Associate scheme this year to develop new skills outside of academia, learn more about the policy making process, and experience a different discipline.

Fatima Ozcan

Fatima Ozcan is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Southampton. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Kirikkale University (Turkey) and Master’s Degree in International Maritime Law at Swansea University. She is a qualified lawyer based in Turkey. Her research interests are Marine Insurance, Charterparties, Carriage of Goods by Sea, Autonomous Ships and Cyber Security. She is currently studying PhD on Autonomous Ships, funded by Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education.

Rose Seneviratne

Rose Seneviratne is currently studying their PhD about the relationship between music engagement, creativity and wellbeing in adolescents and young adults. They also work as a teaching assistant in Psychology.

Charlotte Campbell

Charlotte Campbell is a Postgraduate Research Student in Economic Geography at the University of Southampton and a Policy Associate with Public Policy Southampton. Following on from her undergraduate in BA Geography and MSc in Social Research Methods at Southampton, Charlotte's ESRC funded PhD research is focusing on the development and evolution of cultural and creative urban districts, looking specifically at local, regional, and international knowledge flows within and between these districts, as well as how independent businesses have been impacted by COVID-19, their opinions on the support they received, and pathways for support going forwards.

Allison Noble
Allison Noble

Allison Noble is a third-year PhD Web Science student based within the School of Music, where she investigates the impact of music streaming platforms on the listening and consumption habits of users. In 2021, as part of a UKRI-funded policy internship, she worked on a number of tourism and arts-related projects as a Policy Intern within the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport. This inspired her to delve further into the intersections between technology, arts, and policy, ultimately resulting in her joining the PPS Policy Associate Scheme. Allison is extremely excited to be joining the scheme at this point as she believes that it shall positively expand and develop her experience as a researcher within the continually evolving policy landscape. Allison also previously completed a secondment experience with Hampshire County Council in 2020 where she worked on urgent projects and strategies related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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