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Policy Associates Scheme 2020

Public Policy|Southampton (PPS) is the University of Southampton’s public policy engagement unit that connects researchers and policymakers through capacity building and engagement activities to better support evidence-informed policymaking.

This year we are pleased to announce our new Policy Associates Scheme for 2020/21.

The Policy Associates Scheme aims to support the delivery of variety of UKRI funded research projects. It also allows UoS PhD Students and Post Doctoral Fellows to learn new skills, including in evidence to policy interface, gain experience of working with the PPS team, work with a broad range of researchers within University of Southampton and civil servants within Government.

There are two functions in which Policy Associates can get involved and contribute into the UKRI funded research projects:

Stakeholder analysis will ensure that relevant decision-makers, practitioners, civil society and end point users are identified and engaged in the development of policy implications stemming from UKRI funded research. This analysis will use specialist tools and networks available to PPS and full training will be given to selected Policy Associates.

Policy synthesis will bring together relevant literature from academia and a grey literature (government/ Parliamentary publications, civil society, user groups) into an executive report, verbal presentation and accompanying slide deck made to the research team. This work will provide a map of the current policy landscape to the project team when forming policy recommendations.

How can you get involved?

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Selected Policy Associates for 2020-21 Academic Year

Justyna Lisinska

Justyna is a PhD student in Web Science in her final year. Her thesis investigates the discursive practices of populist supporters on the Internet. Justyna recently joined the Open Innovation Team for their secondment and worked on presenting complex issues in a consumable way and various other projects as a policy advisor. Read more here.

Felipe Gonzales Soley

Felipe González Soley is a doctoral researcher in Economics, focusing on international macroeconomics and monetary policy. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Duke University (USA) and a Bachelor of Economics from the Catholic University of Asuncion (Paraguay). Prior to starting his doctoral studies, he served in different positions at the Economic Studies Office of the Central Bank of Paraguay.

Cristina Argudin Violante

Cristina Argudin Violante is a PhD student at the School of Biological Sciences. Her research focuses on evaluating the sustainability of alternative forest livelihoods and implementing conservation actions to preserve biodiversity in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. She is very excited to be part of the PPS Associate Scheme and contribute to link science and policy, whilst learning from a multidisciplinary team.

View Cristina's blog here
Tim Muntslag

Tim is a PhD-student in Clinical and Experimental Sciences. He studies immune cells in the brain (i.e. microglia) and aims to identify their diversity in health, to provide a basic science answer to the complexity of age-associated disease. With the policy associates, he is keen to explore his first experience in public policy.

Ben Batchelor

Ben is currently in his 3rd year of his PhD modeling the spread of Tau in a fruit fly. In doing so he hopes to gain further insight into the spread of Alzheimer's disease. He is excited to get into grips with making scientific breakthroughs into future policy.

Juljan Krause

Juljan is a final-year PhD student at the School of Electronics & Computer Science where he investigates the global security challenges of quantum computing and quantum communication networks. In his previous role as Policy Advisor with the UK Cabinet Office, he worked on a number of tech-related projects and he is generally very curious about the transmission mechanisms between cutting edge university research and policymaking. He is particularly excited to be joining the Policy Associate scheme at this point as thoughtful and impartial policy advice on both the potential and limits of technology to solve pressing social and political problems has never been more urgent. He recently completed a secondment experience with the Cabinet's Office Open Innovation Team. Read more here.

Paul Muckelt

Paul is a Research Fellow and PhD student within the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis and the Faculty of Health Science, University of Southampton. Paul’s PhD aims to reduce injuries and reduce the impact of Osteoarthritis, he also works on a project with the UK space agency. Paul is excited about the opportunity to help to transform research knowledge into something that can make a difference to everyday life.

Salma Sabour

Salma is a third year PhD student at the Climate Change and Energy group (Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences). During her research project, she is assessing the vulnerability and resilience of coastal Natural World Heritage sites to present and future shoreline change (erosion, flooding, sea-level rise) through the integration of quantitative and qualitative approaches. She is really interested by climate change subjects and diversity issues.

Michele Zadra

Michele is a second year PhD student in Politics and his PhD aims to determine the factor the influence political participation of EU citizens in England.

Daniella Watson
Daniella Watson

Daniella Watson is doing a PhD and Health Psychology qualification in maternal and child nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. She is excited to learn about stakeholder engagement analysis.

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