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Public Policy|Southampton Spotlight: Video Series

Public Policy|Southampton's new policy video series Public Policy|Spotlight details best engagement practices. Learn from the experience of Southampton academics and policy experts on how to engage with policymakers.

Juljan Krause

Public Policy|Spotlight: Juljan Krause - Web Science and Internet’s future

Full video here

Professor Gopal Ramchurn

Public Policy|Spotlight: Professor Gopal Ramchurn - Artificial Intelligence (AI/electric vehicles)

Full video here

Dr Matt Ryan

Public Policy|Spotlight: Dr Matt Ryan - Governance and Communities

Full video here

Dr Harry Annison

Public Policy|Spotlight: Dr Harry Annison - Criminal Justice

Full video here

Paul Muckelt

Public Policy|Spotlight: Paul Muckelt - Physical Activity

Full video here

Cristina Argudin Violante

Public Policy|Spotlight: Cristina Argudin Violante - Nature and Wellbeing

Full video here

Claire Foster

Public Policy|Spotlight: Claire Foster - Psychosocial Oncology

Full video here

Dr Michael Head

Public Policy|Spotlight: Dr Michael Head - Global Health

Full video here
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Policy Podcasts

Policy Podcasts

Click here to listen to our policy podcasts.  In each episode we speak to the UoS researchers and experts, about their experiences confronting critical issues in the domestic and foreign policies.

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Support for researchers

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Support for policymakers

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Support for students

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