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The Evidence to Policy Blog is a place for researchers and policymakers to reflect on the process of evidence-based policy making. Often serendipitous, frequently frustrating and occasionally exhilarating this transfer of knowledge at the nexus of cutting edge research and politically accountable policymaking provides opportunity to change communities, generations and nations.


Brexit and Maritime Transport

Professor Emily Reid alongside Dr Jenny Zhang discuss their oral evidence to the House of Lords European Union Select Commitee, as part of the sub-commitee's Inquiry on Future EU-UK Transport Arrangements.

Rhys Llewellyn Thomas

Public Policy Secondment at DfE

Rhys Llewellyn Thomas, PhD Student in Economics at the University of Southampton discusses his time at the Department for Education.


Public Policy| Southampton - the journey so far

Gavin Costigan, Senior Adviser to Public Policy| Southampton discusses the driving force behind having a public policy team at Southampton and the various activities the department engages in.

WHO image

Use of evidence to aid decision-making

Dr Chandni Maria Jacob PhD candidate, Human Development and Health, discusses her time at WHO - Regional Office for Europe, for which she produced a HEN report.    

Defra's logo

Public Policy Secondment at Defra

PhD student Rubi Alvarez Rodriguez discusses her time working with the Resources and Waste Strategy Evaluation team, in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

FTA 2018

FTA2018: Back from the Future

Public Policy|Southampton manager Gareth Giles discusses his time at the FTA2018 in the latest evidence to policy blog post

Internship Experience

Public Policy Internship: A Reflection

PPS intern, Gabriella Schneider discusses her time at the department and how it enhanced her understanding of current affairs and the impact of academic research in influencing parliamentary legislation

Luiz Valerio P. Trindade

Social Media Platforms

Learn why social media platforms have become a form of digital public square where people distil different sorts of bigotry and hate speech and what should be done to address this

sea level rise

Extreme Sea Level Rise

Extreme sea level rise is the greatest threat from global warming for the UK. Learn how University of Southampton researchers contribute to better understanding of changes in sea level 

Storm over Caribbean

Climate Change and Extreme Events

With near total destruction comes the opportunity to rebuild safer, strong and more sustainable communities in Antigua and Barbuda. Learn how University of Southampton researchers are meeting this challenge.

Hope and Climate Change logo

Hope and climate change

Learn how the Baroness Scotland is driving the Commonwealth of Nations towards climate change drawdown

SoGIS17 logo

Survey of Graduating International Students 2017

Professor Jane Falkingham argues that UK is in danger of demininshing its global educational soft power by making the UK less attractive to international students by counting them within the net migration target

Science March

Science in America

The United States has been leading scientific research worldwide for decades. Unfortunately for American universities, President Trump is cracking down on science.

In science we trust

It's the trust, stupid!

Looking at the causes behind the erosion of trust between the scientific and policy communities and mechanisms to restore it.

Exploring our Oceans

What do the Oceans mean to you?

As the UN meets for The Oceans Conference Professor Rachel Mills discusses how Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) can raise public awareness of the Earth's oceans

Prof Hanson

Fed up with obesity?

Professor Mark Hanson picks over current WHO and UK government strategies to tackling childhood obesity and how the interventions the University of Southampton have created in response to these policy drivers.

Profressor McGroarty

Pensions, benefits and Blockchain

Professor Frank McGroarty reports on how industry and regulators are looking to Blockchain to address interoperability in the pensions market

Dr Brown and Sir Desmond Swayne

Royal Society Pairing Scheme

Dr Sally Brown shares her experience of the Royal Society's Pairing Scheme which matches policymakers and researchers in order to build networks and understanding of each others role in evidence-based policymaking

End of life green image

Together at the end of life

Dr Aliki Karapliagkou looks at the history, present and future of volunteer led provision of end of life care.

Power partnering and policy change

Power Partnering & Policy Change

Read how Dr Thomas Richardson has partnered with the Money & Mental Health Policy Institute to highlight the relationship between mental health and debt which has recently been cited by the Prime Minister.


Tackling AntiMicrobial Resistance

Professor Timothy Leighton defines the effects of antimicrobial resistance and urges global funders to consider two key policy recommendations in order to tackle this potentially devastating global challenge.

Clare Bridge

Bridging the gap

Richard Smith, PhD candidate studying at NOCS and current intern at the Centre for Science and Policy discusses life at the nexus of evidence and policy.

Trust and honesty

Interloping in the world of LA research

Dr Andrew Power, Lecturer in Human Geography, examines the space for researchers to engage directly with user-led organisations and how Local Authorities are responding.


Influencing NHS decision making

Dr Honora Smith, Lecturer in Operational Research (OR), addresses the nebulous nature of the NHS and where this leaves the data hungry researcher.

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From the archive

 Happy families? Male acceptance of equality in the home could define the future May 12, 2016 9.00am BST Arise, Sir Adequate Father. Thomas Hawk/Flickr, CC BY-NC

Happy families?

Dr Agnese Vitali & Dr Ann Berrington examine how changing male attitudes to equality are shaping the next generation.

Test tubes

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Zika Virus?

Dr Michael Head is a Senior Research Fellow in Infectious Diseases and Research Investment Analyses in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton.

Together at the end of life

Together at the end of life

Dr Aliki Karapliagou studies Sociology and is particularly interested in social inequalities in health and end-of-life care.


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Join Gavin Costigan, Director Public Policy|Southampton, as he reviews policy and funding changes in Higher Education

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