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With whom we work

Public Policy|Southampton works across all faculties of the University of Southampton supporting researchers in making connections with policymakers in their field of research. We do this by providing access to networks in local and national government, providing policy contexts to ongoing research and building researchers capacity to effectively engage with policymakers.

If your current, or future research project, has a public policy related output please contact for support with planning and delivering your Pathway to Impact statement.

Current policy projects

Round table

The pains for families of IPP prisoners

The project ‘Exploring the Secondary Pains of Indeterminate Imprisonment: The case of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) families’ provides the first empirical exploration of IPP sentencing.

Polish nationals in the UK

Brexit and EU nationals’ vulnerability

The impact of Brexit on EU nationals’ vulnerability: the case of Polish nationals. This pilot project from the University of Southampton was led by Dr Sara Benedi Lahuerta and Dr Ingi Iusmen.


Rethinking EU Equality Law:

"Rethinking EU Equality Law: Towards a More Coherent and Sustainable Regime" is a pair of seminars convened to stimulate a dialogue on the future of EU equality law.

Euro stack

Banking on industry

'Banking on industry' Examines the microeconomic evidence on the impact of financial services on industrial structure and development

Early LifeLab

Early LifeLab

Early LifeLab is a classroom based intervention for primary school children to tackle childhood obesity by empowering children to lead the change

Recent policy related projects supported by Public Policy|Southampton


NAMRIP | Deep Dive

Deep dive into the primordial soup of ideas needed to tackle Anti Microbial Resistance

discussion papers penal policymaking

Risks in Penal Policymaking

This research project analysed the creation, contestation, ammendment and abolition of the Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) sentence.

Test tubes

Research investment in infectious diseases

We extend beyond describing the funding trends to look at correlations between global disease burden, country performance and the global research funding to meet global disease profiles

SPC logo

Citizens Assembly South

This project is about taking forward a highly successful pilot constitutional convention – ‘Assembly South’ – and making sure that it influences the regional public policy agenda.


Employee-driven innovation

How can we support employee driven and bottom up innovation in the NHS and beyond, in order to make important improvements to health outcomes and reduce inequality.

Together at the end of life

Volunteers in end-of-life care

This stakeholder driven policy forum event brings together key participants to respond to Dr Bailey and Dr Karapliagou study in order to inform policymaking in this area.

girl hiding her face

30 Years of ChildLine: A Witness seminar

Practitioners, policymakers, academics, and journalists speak to an expert audience to discuss ChildLine’s influence on children’s services, the voluntary sector and children’s policy.

CSaP Policy Fellowships

Find out more about our affiliation with the CSaP Policy Fellowship Programme at the Cambridge Science

Policy Briefs

View examples of Policy Briefs from research projects we have worked with recently

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