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The University of Southampton
QRA Postgraduate Symposium 2013


The 18th annual QRA Postgraduate Symposium has been financially supported by several key sponsors.



The QRA was founded in 1964 as the Quaternary Field Study Group and its name was changed to the Quaternary Research Association in 1968. Today the QRA has a membership of over 1000, with a large and thriving postgraduate student membership. The QRA has an active meetings programme, including the Annual Discussion Meeting each January, field meetings, usually held in April and May or September and the annual Postgraduate Symposium. Members receive the Quaternary Newsletter and Circular three times a year, which contain short research papers, reports on meetings, abstracts, reviews and news on forthcoming meetings, events and a range of other information. The QRA also publishes field guides to accompany its field meetings and a series of technical guides which provide up-to-date coverage of technical developments in the field. The Journal of Quaternary Science, founded in 1985, is published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Association. The Association also operates a number of grants schemes to support research by its members and also administers the Bill Bishop Award (for a postgraduate researcher) and the Lewis Penny Medal, which recognizes an outstanding early career scientist.

The QRA is a registered charity (262124).

Van Walt

Van Walt

Van Walt provide high quality sampling and monitoring equipment, including hand augers, window samplers, soil & sediment sampling equipment, water level meters, water quality meters and more. They strive to help their customers get the most their equipment, advising on what would best suit their needs and providing support and training.

We look forward to Van Walt's demonstration on our New Forest fieldtrip!

Beta Analytical

Beta Analytic

Beta Analytic, as a carbon dating lab, provide in-house measurements with fast results of 14 working days or less.  They are committed to meet the scientific communities demand for accurate carbon dating analysis.




Geography & Environment

University of Southampton: Geography and Environment

Geography and Environment at the UoS has a lively research community, especially on the physical geography side with the PLUS (palaeoenvironmental laboratory UoS) and EDS (earth surface dynamics) groups thriving.  Recent fieldtrips have taken members of staff to farflung locations such as Cambodia, Chile, Canada and Alaska.

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