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The University of Southampton
Quality Handbook

Module Lead

The Module Lead is responsible for the organisation and running of their module. The role of Module Lead will vary by Faculty.

The quality assurance aspects of the role are detailed in various locations in the Quality Handbook.  This page provides links to the most relevant of these, but should not be considered an exhaustive list. 

This page has been created to help those acting as a Module Lead to access the Quality Assurance information that they will need for the role.  The information in the tabs below is generic and its interpretation and implementation may differ across Faculties.  Additionally, some Faculties may offer additional resources and guidance for staff, have different reporting structures, or set alternative deadlines to meet their governance needs.  Advice should be sought from the Faculty CQA team in the first instance.

The Annual Module Report is a key part of the University’s Annual Monitoring process. The template for the Annual Module Report requires the Module Leader to comment on the outcome of the module survey results and to describe what changes/enhancements to the module are planned as a result of the student feedback.

The Module Leader will then use this to feed back to students or the next cohort, and will share it with student representatives through Staff Student Liaison Committees.

Module Report Guidance

An online system is available to help this, although your local Curriculum and Quality Assurance Team will be able to advise Module Leads on the most appropriate format for their reporting. The template for Module Reports can be found below. Module Report Forms will be read by Directors of Programmes before the completion of Annual Programme Reports.

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To ensure that students are given at the beginning of each semester or year, the details of the assessment method for each module, including coursework and/or examination requirements, deadlines for submission and the criteria by which work will be assessed. Students should also be made aware of any formative assessment on the module and the differences between formative and summative assessment explained.

To ensure that students are given information on how and when they will receive feedback on their assessments, including any formative assessment.

To ensure that feedback on assessments is returned to students within 4 working weeks after the submission date. To inform students  of the reasons if feedback will not be provided within this timeframe and when, in such circumstances, feedback will be made available.

Assessment Framework

Auditing of Modules


To discuss (with the external examiner)  the approach to be adopted for moderation, in line with University Policy, including issues relating to anonymity.

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Need the software?PDF Reader

To create, monitor and maintains the module profile for your module.

Framework for Taught Programmes

Changes to Programmes

UOS Modules

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The University of Southampton is developing a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework to ensure that all those who teach at the University have the opportunity to engage in effective CPD. Such an engagement will aim promote learning and teaching as strategically important to and valued by the institution but, more importantly, will positively impact upon the student learning experience.

The overarching aim of the framework is to encourage and facilitate engagement with learning and teaching issues. Engagement with the CPD Framework hopes to further your professional development in academic teaching.

The results of these surveys are collated and reported to the Module Leader who then uses them as part of the information they consider when completing their Annual Module Report.

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