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Collaborative Provision Subcommittee

Terms of Reference 2017/18

  1. To advise the Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) on the regulatory and quality assurance framework in respect of collaborative provision in the UK and overseas, taking due account of external reference points such as the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.
  2. To advise AQSC on the implementation, and the development, of policies relating to collaborative provision.
  3. To consider the level of risk associated with individual partnerships and the level of due diligence required.
  4. To consider reports from Collaboration Approval/Review Panels and to make recommendations to AQSC.
  5. To monitor the University's portfolio of collaborative programmes and to receive reports from Faculties following Faculty Programmes Committees' consideration of collaborative provision: annual report forms and annual programme reports.
  6. To advise AQSC of any action or issues in relation to standards or quality in the operation of collaborative partnerships.
  7. To encourage the sharing of good practice across Faculties with regard to the establishment and ongoing management of collaborative provision.


It is proposed that the membership should be reviewed annually to ensure that the composition of the group reflects those Faculties which are engaging in a significant amount of collaborative provision.

If a member is unable to attend, they should send a substitute. The Subcommittee will be quorate with one third of the membership plus one.

Vice-President (Education) or nominee - Chair: Dr Andy Gravell (FPSE)

Director of Student Recruitment and International Relations or nominee : Mr Keith Johnstone

International Partnerships Manager, International Office: Eleonora Gandolfi

Director of the Doctoral College or nominee: Professor James Vickers

Head of Quality, Standards and Accreditation: Ms Jennifer Arkell

4 x academic representatives from Faculties with substantial amounts of collaborative provision

  1. Mark Cranshaw (FSHMS),
  2. Clio Padovani (FBLA),
  3. tbc
  4. tbc

Faculty Academic Registrar from a Faculty with a substantial amount of collaborative provision and not represented by one of the academic representatives above: Jackie Ward

Vice-President Education, Union Southampton: Mr Samuel Dedman.

In attendance

  • Collaborative Provision Adviser (QSAT) - Secretary - Ms Katy Fisher
  • Director of Legal Services - Ms Barbara Halliday
  • Director of Student Services - Ms Kerry Matthews



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