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The University of Southampton
Quality Handbook

Academic Quality and Standards Committee

Terms of reference and Membership 2018/19

Academic Quality and Standards Committee oversees the provision of all education delivered under the name of the University of Southampton. 

  1. To maintain, subject to the approval of Senate where applicable, the University's regulatory framework for all taught and research degree programmes, including regulations for admissions, recruitment and outreach and all forms of collaborative provision in the UK and overseas, and to regularly review the framework to take due account of external reference points such as the Quality Assurance Agency’s (QAA) Quality Code for Higher Education.
  2. To own and maintain on behalf of Senate the University's quality assurance framework for taught and research degree programmes including all forms of collaborative provision in the UK and overseas and to review the framework to take due account of national developments. Consideration of all postgraduate research activity, apart from MRes degree programmes, will be routed through the Postgraduate Research Quality Monitoring and Enhancement Subcommittee.
  3. To develop policy and guidelines, subject to the approval of Senate where applicable, in the areas of quality, monitoring and enhancement.
  4. To scrutinise and, where appropriate, approve new taught or doctoral programmes and major and minor modifications to existing programmes and to approve the Programme Specification(s) and Doctoral Programme Profiles for those programmes.
  5. To approve the closure of programmes and implement the Student Protection Plan when programmes are at risk of closure.
  6. To monitor, through a specified schedule of reporting, the compliance of Schools and Faculties with the requirements of the regulatory and quality assurance frameworks to ensure the standards of awards, the quality of the students’ learning opportunities, the enhancement of students’ learning opportunities and the quality of public information.
  7. To consider and, where appropriate, approve on behalf of Senate any requests submitted by Schools for exemption from harmonised regulations.
  8. To consider and make recommendations to Senate for the approval of new awards.
  9. to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies and similar requirements, e.g. Competition and Markets Authority, when approving new and existing policy, procedures and guidance across the University's quality assurance framework.
  10. to report to the Doctoral College Board on all postgraduate research matters, as appropriate.
  11. To receive reports, as appropriate, from the External Research Degrees Committee, the Collaborative Provision Subcommittee, the Postgraduate Research Quality Monitoring and Enhancement Subcommittee, Programmes Subcommittee and the Recruitment and Admissions Subcommittee.
  12. To prepare responses to national quality exercises, (e.g. Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies, QAA, Office for Students) in accordance with University strategy and policy.
  13. To receive minutes from Faculty Education Committees and School Programmes Committees.

The committee may set up and disband from time to time such working groups and subcommittees as it decides is required to execute its business.


Membership 2018/19

The Vice President (Education) (in the Chair)The Vice President (Education) (in the Chair)  Professor Alex Neill         

Representatives from each Faculty:

Associate Dean (Education) and two further academic staff representatives (appointed by the Dean)

Arts and Humanities

Professor David Wheatley

Dr Veronica Spencer

Mr Tim Metcalf

Environmental and Life sciences     

Professor Sarah Stevenage

Ms Sue Faulds

Dr Tom Ezard

Engineering and Physical sciences

Professor Martyn Hill

Dr Maurits de Planque

Professor Chris Skylaris


Professor Karen Morrison

Dr Ashley Pringle

Dr Anthony Sampson

Social Sciences 

Professor Jim Anderson

Dr Emanuela Lotti

Dr Vadim Grinevich

Representatives from the Faculty Academic Registrars 

Ms Jenny Atkins

Ms Frances Nyland.


Three representatives of the Students’ Union

          Vice President Education                                     

          SUSU Joint Honours Officer

          Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty Officer


Mr Samuel Dedman

Ms Swathy Sanjay Sindhu

Mr Adrian Li

Director of the University Doctoral College   

Professor Chris Howls

Academic Registrar

 Ms Claire Atkins

Assistant Director of Student and Academic Administration
and Head of Quality Assurance

Ms Katy Fisher (acting)

Assistant Director of Student and Academic Administration

Ms Roz Stanton

Deputy Director of CHEP  

Dr Helen Carmichael

University Librarian 

Ms Jane Stephenson                                                 

Quorum: Ten (one-third plus one)

Secretary: Ms Sara Dixon

October 2018

Members who are unable to attend may send a substitute with permission of the Chair.


The Chair may co-opt additional members as necessary (including to act as chairs of subcommittees and working groups)

Co-opted for the academic session



The Chairs of the Collaborative Provision Subcommittee and the Recruitment and Admissions Subcommittee shall be invited to attend meetings when presenting reports from their Subcommittees or when otherwise required.

PGR QME Subcommittee Professor Anna Barney
Collaborative Provision Subcommittee  Dr Andy Gravell
Programmes Subcommittee    TBC
Recruitment and Admissions Subcommittee Professor Alex Neill

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