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The University of Southampton
Quality Handbook

Education and Student Experience Committee


Senate is the ultimate academic authority within the University, but it cannot be directly involved in decision making on all matters for which it is formally responsible: the range of business undertaken inevitably means that delegation of powers and responsibility to individuals and to committees is necessary. The Education & Student Experience Committee is a committee of Senate and has delegated responsibility from Senate to oversee the provision of all education delivered under the name of the University of Southampton and the development, implementation and evaluation of the University strategy as it applies to the education and student experience.


Responsibilities and activity

Reporting arrangements


In attendance:

The Chair may co-opt additional members as necessary (including to act as chairs of subcommittees).

Members who are unable to attend may send a substitute with permission of the Chair.

Quorum and frequency


The Education & Student Experience Committee will be quorate with one third of the membership plus one in attendance.

Frequency of meetings

The Education & Student Experience Committee will meet at least three times per year.


Secretariat support is provided by the Quality, Standards & Accreditation Team.

Terms of Reference review

Date of last review:....... June 2023

Date of next review:...... September 2024

Governance reporting line

The Education and Student Experience Committee reports to Senate.

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