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Faculty Programmes Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To ensure implementation of the University regulatory and quality frameworks for taught and doctoral programmes to assure the attainment of appropriate academic standards as described in external reference points;
  2. To ensure the equivalence of the learning opportunities, research environments and the student experience across the Faculty;
  3. To identify areas where deliberate steps need to be taken to enhance the student learning experience;
  4. To report to Academic Quality and Standards Committee on quality monitoring and regulatory matters for taught and doctoral programmes according to that committee’s specified reporting schedule.
  5. To scrutinise and, where appropriate, approve new taught or doctoral programmes and major changes to existing programmes in the Faculty and to approve the Programme Specification(s) for those programmes;
  6. To receive and consider the reports of programme validations and the external review and/or accreditation of taught and doctoral programmes by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies;
  7. To consider and make recommendations to Academic Quality and Standards Committee for the approval of new awards;
  8. To scrutinise and, where appropriate approve, the withdrawal of taught or doctoral programmes;
  9. To ensure compliance with regulatory bodies and similar requirements, ie, Competition and Markets Authority, when making changes to existing modules and programmes, and when approving new or when scrutinising and/or approving the withdrawal of taught or doctoral programmes within the Faculty;
  10. To prepare responses to national quality exercises, (eg professional bodies, QAA, HEFCE) in accordance with University strategy and policy;
  11. To consider and where appropriate approve proposals for new modules in the Faculty;
  12. To make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor as Chair of Senate on the advice of Boards of Examiners for the award of taught and doctoral degrees, Diplomas and Certificates and to monitor the progression of students on taught and doctoral programmes.


In Attendance:

Members of professional services as appropriate

(Approved by Senate 24/11/2011 with minor modification approved by UPC 25/06/2011). University Programme Committee changed to Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC), October 2013.

Paragraph 9 added following approval by AQSC in October 2017.

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