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Quality monitoring

Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) is required to maintain oversight, on behalf of Senate, of the provision of all education delivered under the name of the University of Southampton and postgraduate research degree programmes are therefore subject to regular scrutiny processes.  These involve an system of annual monitoring of postgraduate research provision and a regular cycle of periodic review.

Annual monitoring

This forms part of the University’s evidence in assuring itself and outside agencies of the quality of postgraduate research education and provides an opportunity to reflect on current provision and to consider enhancements. The Annual Report on Research Degree Provision has three key purposes:

  1. allows Faculties to reflect on current research degree provision;
  2. provides an opportunity to share (good) practice across the University via the Doctoral College;
  3. assures the quality of the research degree provision.

Instructions for the completion of the required reporting and associated deadlines for the 2020-21 annual monitoring process (1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021) can be found on the Annual Monitoring Portal (available here). 

Periodic Review

Periodic review is conducted at Faculty level and forms part of the Quality Monitoring and Enhancement (QME) Framework at the University of Southampton.  It evaluates the operation and performance of a Faculty’s entire postgraduate research (PGR) degree provision, and is conducted every five years in accordance with a schedule determined by the Postgraduate Research Quality Monitoring and Enhancement (PGR QME) Subcommittee.  However, a Faculty’s research degree provision may be subject to more frequent review if significant concerns have been identified and/or where there has been significant change to the structure and delivery of its provision.

The aim of periodic review is to:

The scope of periodic review includes:

Useful Documents

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PGR Periodic Review - External Adviser Report

PGR Periodic Review – Panel Report Template

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