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Special Considerations

Research students can apply for Special Consideration under the Regulations Governing Special Considerations for Research Degree Programmes and Suspension of Candidature for Postgraduate Research Students if they can prove that there are exceptional circumstances outside of their control which have (or will) negatively affect their research degree candidature; including their performance in a recent or upcoming Progression Review or final viva voce; or their ability to meet a deadline for submission of a Progression Review Report or final thesis.

Under this Policy students may apply for:

  1. An extension to candidature;
  2. A suspension from candidature;
  3. An extension to a Progression Review Report submission deadline;
  4. For Special Considerations to be applied to work that is to be assessed.

Research students should submit forms SC1 Special Considerations Request Form or SC2 Suspension of Research Candidature Request Form with supporting evidence, to their Faculty Graduate School Office as soon as circumstances that will affect candidature are known, and before any assessment or deadline which may be affected.  

SC1 - Special Considerations Request Form 

This form should be used for unforeseen circumstances, including:

*Note that requests for the suspension of candidature for reasons which could be foreseen (for example: a work placement or parental leave) should be submitted on the ‘SC2 - Suspension of Research Candidature Request Form. 

SC2 - Suspension of Research Candidature Request Form

This form should be used to request a suspension of candidature where the circumstances leading to the request are foreseen, and therefore not extenuating (e.g. to attend a placement or for parental leave). If the reason for the request is unforeseen, the research student must use the 'SC1 - Special Considerations Request Form.


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