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Quality HandbookProgrammes and Modules

Minor Changes to Programmes

Minor changes include changes to modules and programmes are a normal part of the annual maintenance of modules and programmes. 

The rationale for the decision taken should be reported to School Programmes Committee and recorded in the minutes. 

Module Leaders should remain mindful that module changes can affect programmes and therefore a change to a module shouldn’t be approved if it negatively affects the programme.  The module leader and programme leader should review the effect of the change on the programme learning outcomes mapping and the assessment table before any proposal for change is put forward.

Attention should also be paid to cumulative changes which, although minor in themselves, result over time in a major change requiring programme validation.  If there is any doubt as to whether a change is minor or whether there have been cumulative changes that might trigger validation the Deputy Head of School (Education) and/or Associate Dean (Education) should be consulted.

Documentary requirements

Minor changes to programmes should be detailed on the Programme Change Form.

Consideration and approval

The change form and revised documentation should be considered and approved by the Director of Programmes but must be reported to and noted by School Programmes Committee. 

School Programmes Committee may decide at this point that the change proposed constitutes a major/intermediate change and that further action is required. Rather than considering multiple minor changes over an extended period, it is suggested that Schools nominate one School Programmes Committee meeting each year to approve minor changes.

Post Approval

The Faculty CQA team is responsible for ensuring that all necessary action is taken to amend the module or programme in Banner and Curriculum Manager (if required).

The FAR, in conjunction with Faculty and Registry SAA Teams, will ensure that the Programme webpages are amended (if required).

The FAR, in conjunction with Faculty and Registry SAA Teams, will ensure that any exemptions or variations are to University Regulations are updated (if required).

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