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The University of Southampton
Quality HandbookProgrammes and modules

Documentation relating to programmes and modules

Principles relating to Programme Documentation

  1. Programmes should have a programme name aligned to the Degree Nomenclature requirements detailed in the Quality Handbook.
  2. Modules should have a module profile.
  3. Modules should be updated in line with Faculty procedures, but based on feedback from stakeholders.

Articulation and Guidance

There is a single source of information about taught programmes and modules.  This is in the Curriculum Manager System.  All academic staff involved in the writing of or management of modules and/or programmes should access this system.

Programme and module information for students is currently provided via the web for prospective students and a Programme Specification for current students, therefore all taught programmes must have a Programme Specification.

All modules require a module profile.  These are downloaded from information entered in to the Curriculum Manager system.  All module data on the web is sourced from the Curriculum Manager system.

Details of how to use the system and how the workflow in the system are found in the user guides 

To receive notifications of new programmes/modules and/or any changes to these it is necessary to be within the system.  In its current state the system cannot generate notifications and/or emails to be sent outside of Curriculum Manager.

The Programme Validation and Revalidation Policy is located in the Quality Handbook. Elements of the (re)Validation procedure take place outside of the system, for example academic scrutiny will usually take place as a formal meeting.  The evaluative template is also completed outside of the system.  The template for this is located on the Quality Handbook.

Programme documentation should be made available in different formats to accommodate the needs of disabled students and students with specific learning difficulties.

Plain English guidelines should be considered when writing student-facing documentation

The specific subject requirements for Independent Study, including the entitlement to supervision and any technical support, should be clearly stated.

Good Practice and Checklists

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