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Programme Validation

The (re)validation of programmes is now managed via the Curriculum Management System.  Access to this can be obtained via the Faculty CQA team.  Once you access the system, the workflow will ensure that you complete the required fields at the appropriate time.  The end of the process will culminate in academic approval which considers the information entered within the Curriculum Management System and the content of addition templates.  The amount of work that takes place outside of the system will vary from programme to programme and will be impacted by the requirements of the discipline/Faculty and/or Professional, Regulatory or Statutory Body requirements.

User Guides

User guides have been developed for the creation of programmes and modules.  

The academic guide is here (opens new window that requires login)

The administrator guide is here (opens new window that requires login)

Useful Downloads

Need the software? Word Doc

Policy and Procedure


Roles and Responsibilities

Historical Information

The Policy for programme validation and/or revalidation is currently being reviewed to ensure that it is fully aligned to the Curriculum Management System.  It is expected that this will move away from a procedure and process document (the process is now determined by the work flow within the Curriculum Management System) and will move to a set of principles for the validation of programmes.

Further information relating to the development of programmes can be found in the Framework for Taught Programmes.

The templates below are required for completion outside of the Curriculum Management System.  Other templates that previously existed have now been incorporated into the system and are completed as part of the workflow.

The programme specification and module profile templates are provided for information only here as these are no automatically produced from the Curriculum Management System. 

The Evaluative report template is required at revalidation.

Other templates are optional, but it is strongly recommended that they are completed in partnership with the relevant professional services team to ensure that the validation of programmes is complete as possible, to maintain and enhance the student experience and award.


The useful downloads below describe the roles and responsibilities of the main users of the Programme Validation and Programme Revalidation policy and procedure.

These will be amended in the near future to reflect the move from a paper based exercise to the Curriculum Management workflow for Programme Validation and Revalidation.

For historic record, a set of template that are no longer in use are provided here.  These are no longer required as they have been replaced by the Curriculum Management System.

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