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University of Southampton Modules (UOSM)

Flexible Learning at Southampton allows students to personalise and exercise choice in their learning. Flexible Learning offers students a distinctive Southampton educational experience.

More information can be found on the Flexible Learning at Southampton web pages.

The owning School should develop the module in conjunction with other stakeholders including staff in other Faculties and consider it through the School and Faculty standard module approval arrangements including by Faculty Education & Student Experience Committee (FE&SEC).

Following approval by FE&SEC, the School must make an application to the Academic Quality and Standards Subcommittee (AQSS) for the module to be considered a UOSM. Should the module not be approved by AQSS for inclusion in the UOSM portfolio, the School would have the option of running it as one of its own modules using its own module code.

Where a substantial change to a UOSM is proposed which impacts on the learning outcomes or makes a significant change to the module content it should be re-approved by the School Programmes Committee (SPC) and CIAG in line with the process for module approval.

All UOSMs must be explicitly assigned to the remit of an appropriate external examiner by the owning School.  If the external examiner has previously been appointed to PGT modules only, the addition of UOSM modules will necessitate a Right to Work check being undertaken.  A revised letter of appointment will be issued.

Should the External Examiner have comments on a UOSM, the owning School s responsible for considering the external examiner report, where necessary in conjunction with contributors from other Schools and Faculties, and for responding to the external examiner in line with standard University processes.

The owning School is responsible for all of the assessment on the module. Results will be ratified by the owning School's Board of Examiners.  UOSMs are subject to the same regulations governing referrals and repeats as other option modules.

Module Dialogue

The owning School is responsible for ensuring that students taking the module have the opportunity to provide feedback on the module and that this is considered in the module report.

Module Report

The Module Lead is responsible for completing the annual module report, where necessary in conjunction with contributors from other Schools or Faculties, using the University's standard template. The report should then be considered by the owning School.

UOSMs should be re-approved every five years by the relevant SPC.

It is proposed that the Module Lead should complete the UOSM/Standalone Module: Evaluative Report form and that this should be discussed by the owning SPC which will make a decision about whether or not to re-approve the module. SPC will then make a recommendation to AQSS that the module should continue as part of the UOSM portfolio.

AQSS will consider the report from the School before making a decision. Should AQSS decide not to re-approve a module as part of the UOSM portfolio, the School may continue to run it under one of its own module codes.

A School may decide to recommend a UOSM module for suspension as part of its curriculum planning process.

Where this is the case, reference should be made to the principles of the Programme closure policy.

UOSM/Standalone Module: Evaluative Report form

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