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The University of Southampton
Quality Handbook

The Policies, Procedures and Guidance linked to on this page may be subject to changes as a result of the University’s current operating model in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check the Extraordinary Quality Handbook.



The University of Southampton is committed to improving the student experience and quality of education of all students.

The University will work with the University of Southampton Students’ Union (SUSU) as part of its quality monitoring and enhancement framework, working with them to draw upon the views of students across campuses, modes of study and programmes.

The University and SUSU will work to the values agreed in the Relationship Agreement, supporting the development of a transparent, open and honest working relationship between all members of the University community.

picture of student sat infront of a big poster advertising their programme

Working as partners

Staff and students are both active participants in the University’s learning community and have key roles to play in ensuring the quality of academic experience.

picture of girls talking during an open day event.  one is earing a bright yellow tshirt

Developing an impactful student voice

Effective student engagement relies on the development of a credible and impactful student voice which is respected by all and recognised as a key partner.

student and visitor during an openday infront of a welcome arch and looking at a map

Evaluating what we do

Successful student engagement in quality assurance and enhancement should provide tangible, measurable outcomes which can be used to inspire further research and work.

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Ongoing support

The success of student engagement in quality relies on the ongoing support of all members of the University community.

Student Representatives

Student representatives take part in our governance structure, take an active part in formulating policies, are given many opportunities to feed back their thoughts, views, and concerns throughout their time at University. The University works closely with the Students' Union to ensure students are represented and have opportunities to engage.

Student Feedback

The University of Southampton is committed to receiving and responding to student feedback in order to monitor and enhance the quality of the student learning experience.  The feedback that students give us, via a range of different methods, goes directly to helping us make the changes that students want to see.

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