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The University of Southampton
Researching Assessment Practices (RAP)


Goran Mashanovich

Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering

Discipline: Electronics

Focus:  Introducing a Holistic approach to assessment practice

My intervention had 3 parts: 1) clarification of what constitutes good in learning, assessment and feedback; 2) clarifications of what students’ entitlement are, and 3) improvement of feedback that students receive in and out of class and of their assessment and feedback skills

The module was historically one of the most difficult modules in year 1, as it covers a wide range of complex concepts and requires good mathematics and physics background. The class is quite large (160 students)

Rationale for study: Year 1 students are usually not familiar with types of assessment at a university, and with feedback they are receiving or can give/receive. They can also struggle with monitoring their progress and with using feedback to improve their learning. 

The development of assessment feedback skills is essential in supporting students’ effective learning.

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